Monday, 3 December 2012

A Simple Summer Dress New Look 6013

Dear Blog Friends,

Edit Update. I've somehow lost my Favourite Sewing Blog Blogroll! Disaster! I'll be rebuilding it shortly. I've also posted a review of my dress on Pattern Review. See sidebar.
Now back to my regular posting:

I've been learning something new. I am getting acquainted with Photoshop Elements 8. It is an amazing application. I bought it two years ago and was somewhat intimidated by it and found iphoto much simpler to use as I rarely did anything to my photos other than a bit of cropping. Photoshop was on my 'Yeah, One day' agenda. Then, as anyone who has read my previous post knows, I was pushed into a corner and the day arrived. It is a tool that can do so much it is mind boggling. I've barely gotten around how to shift photos around my computer from here to there and discovered things I want to do like collages and magnified photos of sewing details and do more than .. you guessed it .. crop.

I want to present good photos but I don't intend to make my sewing projects look like something they are not and you won't see me suddenly looking like Angelina Jolie either.

My tutor on the photography course I recently did said 'You can't edit a bad photo into a good one' and emphasized getting composition, exposure and focus right at the start. I am nowhere near as experienced a photographer as I am as a sewist and I frustrate myself with what I can't do ..yet. I am willing to share my frustrations I mean my photo journey here and post some of my efforts.

Photoshop gets a bad rap in sewing blog world, but it is just one of many editing programs and it is enabling me to get around imacflikrgoogle limitations and for that I am grateful.

Back to sewing I've made a quick summer dress to cope with our heatwaves. We've just had one and are expecting more. My aim is to make a few quick summer garments from the extensive stash. Here's number one.

New Look 6013 Dress

Unlined, raglan sleeves, back zip

The only thing I changed was to swing the front vertical dart outwards to my high hip to eliminate a drag line.

I'll do a Pattern Review soon. Hope you are all having a good week.

Last weekend I caught up with a friend who lives in the Blue Mountains, an hour's drive west of Sydney and we went to this lookout at the Shipley Plateau at dusk.



  1. Love the dress!
    Still looking into flights from Auckland to Sydney - any advice??

  2. Absolutely love dress on you! And congrats on figuring out Photoshop...I get completely bogswoggled by Gimp, so I'm still working with iphotopica - collages still drive me nuts though.

  3. P.S. Hiking the trails of the Blue Mountains remains a highlight of my travel experiences :)

  4. What a wonderful dress and you look great in it. I'm impressed by anything except the most basic of iphoto so I'll be interested in your progress with it.

  5. We are just starting to get some hot weather too - Ouyen in Vic was 46.8 the other day - yuk ! Your new dress looks cool but still nicely fitted and I love your shoes as well.

  6. Pretty! I have a feeling I would like a lot of the fabrics in that extensive stash. This one is mountains. Both my kids were born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Love the pic.

  7. Great dress - just what is needed in the heat - and they say our summer is going to be a scorcher.

  8. Lovely in all ways, looks good on you, pretty fabric. A winner.

  9. Sheila, Thank you, I'll email you.
    Jilly Thanks. I'd heard about gimp, it's supposed to be good
    Jane Picasa has a user friendly photo editing program that does a bit more than iphoto
    Janine, I know the heat seams to travel around the country then it goes cold again..
    Coco I'm about to pull something out of the stash from the Karavan series ..
    BeeJay and Sigrid Thanks

  10. Lovely dress!

    (Would you in general appreciate comments about your photos or better not? I am not a pro, but I became a bit more aware about the "dos" and "donts" over the last years. Means I often see at least afterwards in my own pictures what I did wrong :o) )

  11. Your dress is lovely! We're going into winter here. I would love to feel 85 degrees right about now.

  12. That is a great pattern for the current heatwaves, and the dress looks lovely on you. Bright happy florals, perfect for Australian summer. I love the Blue Mountains too; spectacular photo! xx

  13. There is definitely the spirit of summer in this dress. Love your shot of the mountains.

  14. That dress is a perfect pairing of fabric and pattern. And those mountains are certainly blue!

  15. Love the dress looks gorgeous on you and the fabric is really pretty!! Your photos are great I am terrible and photos but okay at photoshop but your so right can't make a bad photo look much better! We're all slowly learning these extra bits a pieces lol!! Blue mountains photo looked awesome hope you enjoyed yourself. It's been awful hot in Brissy this week and its only just summer!

  16. Ah, that view is splendid ! Thanks for including me in your blog list, Valérie ! Love from Paris xxx

  17. Really pretty dress. So clever of you to move a dart that is not working with your body shape. I will have to remember that. I can see why the mountains in your photo are called the blue mountains.