Thursday, 27 December 2012

A bit of Christmas in the city.

Hello Sewers and Bloggers,
Before the decorations come down and the year is totally over, I want to show you what I did in Sydney yesterday.  One of my favourite places to walk through is the Queen Victoria Building which was built as a covered market in 1898, almost demolished in the 1970's, then restored in the 1980's to its former ornate glory as a glass roofed shopping arcade. At Christmas it always has a huge Christmas tree. This time it is covered in Swarovski crystals.

 You can see it in the background through the arches. I don't know what the banner was advertising. I just wanted to get some photos! Typical!

The higher up the levels you go the more expensive the boutiques become, but it's great for a look.

The tree goes through all the levels.

I was on my way through to meet my daughter for lunch at the Sydney fish markets, close to where she works.

The view from my daughter's office.

Five minutes walk away by the sea is the fish market. 

It stays open around the clock in the two days leading up to Christmas because the demand is so great.

It is crowded and noisy and is also a tourist attraction. As well as fresh seafood for sale there are eateries and restaurants. I had never been there before! Sometimes it's good to experience new things in your own city so when my daughter asked if I'd like to meet her there for lunch after she worked a half day I was happy to go.

Pyrmont Bridge.

We had lunch outside under the palm trees overlooking the water. Back to all things sewing soon.
Happy holidays,



  1. I've been in the Queen Victoria Building! But not the fish market. Love your photos. It's like a mini virtual trip!

    1. Thanks Liza jane. I love it when you and other sewists occasionally show photos of their cities too.

  2. I work near Central and try to get down to the fish market (on the Monorail) for a sashimi lunch at least every few months.

  3. Love the pictures and wishing it was summer here too