Saturday, 22 December 2012

Drawstring Top based on Burdastyle 5/2011/130

Hello People,

I hope all is safe and well where you are. It is certainly warming up here, with days getting into full summer heat.
Several months ago I spent a full day sorting my material stash and it is so good to have labels on the outside of my tubs so I can see where a particular material is while I decide what to in 'Aha there is that red and white leaf voile!
Finding the pattern that springs to mind is more haphazard. I know where they all are but then I start looking through my Burdastyle magazines. I've never had a subscription and only buy them occasionally when an issue catches my eye. But there are certain issues that I find myself going back to several times long after many other issues have come out. The May 2011 issue is such a one for me.

I had seen an extravagantly priced peasant style top in a store window while shopping, so I went in and tried it on and took a knockoff inspiration photo. Then started thinking what patterns I had that I could modify to make a peasant style top with three quarter sleeves and a button placket down the front. However I got sidetracked and ended up making the top half of this dress into a top. Much cooler than long folded up sleeves!

It has all in one sleeves with a bit of gathering on the outside edge, and a casing for a drawstring at the neck, and darts to keep it from being shapeless, quite quick to make.. so in a morning I had a 'free' top.

I am experimenting with a new gadget, a remote control for my camera that is hidden in my hand.

No more dashing between the camera and the shot. I love it.
But back to the sewing! Here is the front, just the top half of the pattern extended down 22 cm and out a bit. I made vents at the sides.

I left out the centre back seam and added a bit more ease. The original top is actually relatively close fitting. The Burda magazine instructions were not too bad, for once, but I did things slightly differently, as usual!
I will be writing a Pattern review to expand on this.

Trying for a Burda-esque pose in my balcony garden, which is turning into a jungle because friends have given me bromeliads and a strelitzia that 'needed a home'. How could I resist? But I am still trying to keep things minimalist.. honest.

As we count down to Christmas I wish you all the best and thank you for reading my blog.

xx Val.


  1. Looks fabulously cool and comfortable! I love seeing the contrast of Christmas pictures in the southern hemisphere vs. Christmas pictures in the northern hemisphere. When I spent that year in Australia, I took a photo of myself on Christmas day on the beach in a Santa hat. Hope you have a good holiday.

  2. You will get a lot of wear out of this top over summer - it looks great and exactly what is in the shops up our way!
    Merry Christmas from Brisbane...J

  3. Another great sew Valerie - I am in awe of your ability to transform a pattern. The top is perfect for a hot Christmas Day. btw, I made the gingerbread recipe yesterday, and it is absolutely delicious! Thanks for sharing that one - it is good to try something different.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas with family and friends. Love your blog!!

  4. Lovely summery top and those digital remotes are fantastic.

  5. what a beautiful top-would love to find the pattern to make this as up here on the Fraser Coast it is very hot and humid.Have just come across your blog and have really enjoyed reading through the pages. cheers teri

  6. Thank you one and all.
    Terri, welcome to my blog. You can sometimes find back issues of Burdastyle on ebay but better still sometimes the local library will have them for loan.

  7. What a beautiful top and fabric. Christmassy as well. It is good to get that extra mileage out of your patterns. I wonder if you will make it up as a dress now?

  8. Lovely fabric and great top for Xmas!

  9. I have thought about getting such a gadget. In the meantime, I wish you and you dear ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  10. I love your top. It is so summery - just what I needed today. So hot in Sydney now.

  11. So loving this fabric and top on you. Hope you have a nice holiday as well -Coco

  12. Oh too cute! I hope you enjoy the holidays- I love your little jungle!

  13. Looks great! The print is fabulous! I know what you mean about going back again and again to a particular issues - for me it's Feb 2011 - so many lovely sewing daydreams from that one!

  14. Wonderful top! I love the print -- it looks perfect for a warm Christmas. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday to you and your family!

  15. Lovely top, Valérie, I wish we could wear this kind of clothes right now in France. I hope you had a lovely Christmas down under !xx

    1. Ah the irony .. Although I had a lovely Christmas with family and friends I wish for one Christmas with snow .. just one! (I did have one English Christmas in mist and rain.. )