Friday, 21 September 2012

Jackets in Progress

My week was too hectic to sew anything let alone blog anything. I am going to move back to my unit but while it is empty I have had it painted and am having new blinds and window coverings put in and I'm working full time and so on. But today is Saturday and I will sew! My current sewing projects are two quick knit jackets out of grey sweatsuit material that is in my stash. One will be for my daughter from BurdaStyle pattern 121 June 2012.

My sweatsuit jacket will be a deceptively simple zip up jacket a bit like Vogue 8795

but with the zip on one side, more like this vest by this blogger who has an ebay shop No affiliation and all that, but this French girl is so stylish it's torture!

It's great idea for changeable spring or autumn weather.
I am frankenpatterning it from a Kwik Sew vest 2882 married to a Kwik Sew jacket 2895. I will line it with some semi stretchy black mesh, also from my stash.

Both are current looks and I am going to make them now not next season or down the track. This is a major change of thinking for me. I usually procrastinate and then get distracted but no more. Live now, sew now. Good motto don't you think?

Happy living everyone.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Drape drape no3 in silk and Tessuti Awards 2012

Dear blog friends,
Some of you know that I was planning to sew drape drape three in silk - well here it is!

From Japanese design book, knit to woven, cotton to silk and triple silk at that, it sometimes did feel as if I was walking the plank...

But hey it's only cloth and risk of failure .. and of face ...

But I am glad to say it turned out well. I have a race day dress that swishes when I move and makes me feel good. Not only that I secretly planned to enter it in the Tesutti Awards 2012 dress contest all along. These awards are held annually by the Tessuti fabric store. You have to buy the outer shell (at least) from the Tessuti store here in Sydney or in Melbourne or online. this year's theme was spots and stripes.
This contest used to be for Australians only but this year it is open world wide. I have never entered before but this time I took the plunge.

I'll be doing a Pattern Review soon with detailed information on how to translate this dress from a knit to a woven. In the meantime I have tired eyes from all this blogging.
Now I can relax and next I will sew a Burda spring jacket or some knit dresses or try out a new Vogue pattern or two.
Happy sewing everyone.

 Shots 1, 3 & 4 taken at Western Sydney Parklands, Bungaribee Park.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Drape Drape 3 - The Woven

What is your creative process? Do you start with a line drawing or a piece of fabric or a photo in a magazine? Do you see something worn on the street or trawl the latest designer collections online. Or do you just rummage through all your pattens, peruse your stash and go 'Wow, I've got to use up some of this?'
When you have chosen the pattern and fabric do you actually see the finished garment in your mind? I do, most of the time, and the more I sew the more I find I can do this, see the finished garment in my minds' eye, like a photograph, then I know it will work. I call this having a vision. Well, dear reader, this whole foray into Japanese Drape Drape is because I can see my little Japanese dress made up in some uncharacteristically (for me) expensive silk from Tessuti. I am a bit wary of cutting into expensive woven fabric using a pattern designed for knits without doing a muslin first. Make that muslins, plural. This pipe dream of mine has led me a merry dance.
Normally when switching from a knit to a woven it is just a matter of going up a size, so I started with more ease along the centre back seams and centre front fold.

Woven muslin no1.

This is the result on my DD. I could not even get into it. The armholes felt like tourniquets, so it was back to the drawing board.

The first 'woven' alteration is on the left. The "I'll extend the sleeve and drop the gathering point" is on the right. This did not work. I still had to do something about the bust area and bring the waist seam back up a bit.

Woven muslin no2.

That's me. Oh dear. At least I won't miss the material. Back to the drawing board again.

Version two revisited. As you can see I lengthened the dress to a more age appropriate level and took out a bit of the skirt gathers. I raised the waist seam level back up a bit. The most important thing I did was add a vertical wedge from armpit to waist which gave me a bit of bust ease and also allowed me to tilt the bodice area slightly and expand the front of the sleeve even more. Why am I worrying over this pattern like a dog with a bone? Stay tuned for the next installment, dear reader. I'm getting sick of this myself and just want to finish it already and move on to some quick and easy spring sewing. I just have to see this through to its natural conclusion - the dreaded silk. 

Meanwhile, this is almost what I had in mind..

Woven muslin no3.

Wearable. A little tweak and it's onto the silk..
Happy sewing everybody.