Thursday, 3 January 2013

Burda 7207 Beach Dress and a Squashed Cat Coat

Dear People,

2013 is four days old and there are hot cross buns in some stores here already. Eesh! Let's get through Australia Day and Valentine's Day first if you don't mind!

I am on holidays and have been partying sewing. I have even done a Pattern Review here of the beach wraps I've sewn in the last few days. My daughter requested a dress/wrap modeled here by me, from material she knew was in my stash and a design she had seen on the internet. She doesn't sew but she's very clever :) Her version is black, knee length and drapier and looser, made to specifications after she tried this one on.

Doing my best Holly Golightly, in the Burda 7207 Beach Dress

A Square with two loops

So why did I buy a pattern for a square piece of material? For the dimensions, which were all wrong! The whole story is in my Pattern Review.
To be fair it is an interesting concept and the short version in the pattern has a nice looking  frill and would look good in a light colorful woven. 

On other matters, the next thing in my queue is a cream maxi dress but after that I will be tackling a three year old UFO, that's unfinished object to you non sewers, as part of Jungle January over at Petty Grievances Jungle January.

I'll be letting the cat out of the bag. From memory I had cut out Burda WOF (as it was then) coat 104/09/2007 from a lovely fake ocelot, remembered how I hate breathing in faux fur, and put it aside in favor of something else. I am determined to be brave, get myself a face mask and rev up the vacuum cleaner because this baby will be made. I'm just letting it and me breathe..

Happy January everyone,


  1. Woo hoo Holly! This looks very sassy, and should go to lots of those parties that you are not attending ...
    and congratulations for tackling a UFO - a braver girl than I am!

  2. I love your nice black dress and you looking very beautiful.Florida Villas

  3. This is very elegant - lovely dress. I'm with you with the hot cross buns - what is with that!!!

  4. Just saw those Hot Cross Buns in Woolies this morning - amazing! Apparently they sell quickly, because the lovely young baker told me that 'the powers that be' don't waste any centimetre of floor space on something that doesn't sell. Its all a money game, and they are in it to win it...
    ...the dress looks super on you - just perfect for holiday wear...J

  5. Ocelot! Love it. And I think the face mask is a good idea - sewing flannel does it for me also. And cotton batting. What is WOF?

  6. I can't wait to see that coat. Although, I'll admit I was little worried reading your post title :)

  7. Thanks everyone. Coco, before it was 'Burdastyle' magazine it was called 'Burda World of Fashion'. The instructions were always rather taciturn but the English website was more user friendly back then, you could get into archives and previews that sewers now go to the Russian or French websites to access.

  8. I made the wrap dress last year, and found that the dimensions were wrong too. I felt a bit stupid having paid for a pattern for a poorly-sized rectangle! Then I made it worse by choosing a fabric the clung in all the wrong ways. Your black looks very stylish though :-)

  9. You look fab in that sleek dress, Val! I am looking forward to you finishing your UFO. In fact, you inspired me to take out my animal fleece (already cut out) for an easy Vogue jacket. Best wishes for the new year.

  10. Kat welcome to my blog. Heather looking forward to seeing your animal jacket too!

  11. Oh, I just love the neckline (whats in the bag, Valerie) it looks like the perfect night out holiday dress (I must see into that bag, Valerie)nicely done!

  12. And hasn't it been fabulous beach weather! Gosh I laughed at the 'squashed cat'.

  13. You look amazing in that dress! Happy New Year to you!

  14. Hi
    My ame is Gabriella . Just fond this site. Well done Valerie!
    I love sewing