Saturday, 19 January 2013

Burda 9-2007-104 coat update and an award

Dear Bloggers,

I normally don't do update posts but I thought I'd tease you with this:

The fake fur coat is really coming along. We are having a cool drizzly weekend so I can actually bear to sew. A cool change swept in on Friday evening after a record setting blisteringly hot day that reached 46.5 C. Luckily I worked a long shift and missed most of it.

Incidentally I spent 2011 working in the UK and I desperately wanted to experience snow. I do realize you can have too much snow, like is happening in France and the UK at the moment. Keep safe guys! But of course I had an idyllic English summer that eased into a mild winter.

I had to go to Norway to see real quantities of snow. Snow falling, snow lying on the ground. I went to gorgeous Tromso to experience the Northern Lights. Tromso is so pretty and I had my put-on-your-thermals and coat and hat and gloves and scarf before-you-go-outside cold weather and of course the amazing Aurora Borealis.

I also experienced icy streets for the first time and slipped over with my camera gear and fell on my behind. The camera was fine. Ah, memories.

My real reason for this post is that Erin of i heart fabric has given me a Leibster award. Thank you Erin.

I am blogging about it straight away or I won't get around to it!

Here are 11 things about me you may or may not want to know.
1. I am allergic to cats, which is a pity. My mother had a brown burmese that would meet me at the door and hold cat conversations with me.
2. If I type fast the middle letters of most words come out in reverse order. Some part of my brain is dyslexic I think.
3. I always, always wanted to travel. As a child I would look at horizons and want to go there. I finally started overseas travels in 2008. I am not finished yet.
4. I heard the sound of the sewing machine in utero. My mother and grandmother taught me to sew.
5. I didn't own a digital camera until I joined Pattern Review.
6. I didn't have a large pattern or fabric stash until I joined Pattern Review either.
7. I love the earth and nature and wide open spaces.
8. I could spend three months just touring the great art galleries of the world (or revisiting the ones I have already been to).
9. If life makes me anxious I find myself buying material (or patterns) and if I don't I find myself buying books on photography.
10. I love photo blogs as you can see from my blog roll. I love the visual. It doesn't  have to be arty or perfect, just have that certain something. Come to think of it that's how I choose my sewing blog roll too.
11. I believe if you love something just do it, be it writing or sewing or art. Do it for the love of it.

I am passing the Leibster on to

Michelle at

Tigergirl at

Reana Louise at

Pauline at

Beverly who is on the

I've decided to add one more awardee to this list, a very new blogger, Fifi, who is fighting with fabric

Some are established blog-friends, some are fairly new discoveries on my part. All are interesting. Check them out!



  1. That coat is going to look fab!! Can't wait to see it. Thanks for the award but the link is wrong - good ole copy/paste error I'd say (makes me mysterious!).

  2. I cannot wait to see that coat!

  3. Great to see the coat coming along! Looking forward to seeing the finished product! What a pity to be allergic to cats.

  4. Thank you very much for the award and the link to my blog Valerie. I am looking forward to see your coat finished. And what a coincidence, I lived for 1 year in Tromso and I miss it very much (I can't tell you how much I miss the snow now that I live on the mediterranean coast, I haven't seen it for more than 3 years). Bye

    1. Wow that is a coincidence and if there was some way I could live in Norway for a while I would do it.

  5. Thank you Valerie! That coat looks amaaaazing by the way! :)

  6. I am loving the look of the fur. Will be a beautiful coat. Thank you so much for the award. What a lovely surprise. (PS. I too find I often type letters around the wrong way - I wonder if it is the stonger hand?)

    1. Maybe it is a right or left brain thing?

  7. Crazy love for that fabric! Cannot wait to see the finished coat.

    1. Thanks ladies. Coco I am working on the lining right now, just stopped for a blog-break!

  8. I can't wait to show that coat off for Jungle January- it looks epic!!

  9. Lovely post, I like learning things about bloggers and you really deserve that award !x

  10. Val, that coat is going to be absolutely Purrfect.