Monday, 18 March 2013

A quick sew - Kwik Sew 3377 tunic

Dear Bloggers,

Have you noticed that some garments once sewn seem to leap in front of the camera, twirl around and get photographed in five minutes flat while others act like brooding prima donnas refusing to co-operate?
Take black. It sucks up all the light and refuses to show any details. Black garments are notorious for this.
White should be easier, more specifically off white with cotton embroidery in the form of a simple tunic. Nope. This baby wanted to just slink off and hide in my beach bag for the last blast of warm weather due this weekend. I made it stand still and be photographed anyway, by my good friend the tripod.

Kwik Sew 3377

Made from stash cotton voile that ended up more transparent when made up than I expected..I am wearing a cami here for modesty's sake. This pattern, once I'd tweaked it has some nice lines and would look good in something more happy-hippy-ish.

Hey maybe that's why it's sulking..

Edited to add a close up photo of the top that I included in my PR review.

Also I have joined in on the bloglovin' whirlwind caused by the imminent demise of google reader. I've even got a widget. I'm all technological now.

Happy sewing


  1. Maybe it wants to be tie dyed? Looks like a very useful top as is. Perfect for the beach.

  2. This top looks like perfect beach-wear!

  3. Hi Valerie - voile is quite see through, as I am finding out with a blouse I am making. Did you have to think of how facings and hems would show through? I think it will be a very useful sort of top for relaxed days.

  4. Absolutamente adorable... yo siento llegar el verano mirando your top, I love blanco puro, tan hermoso!

  5. Thank you ladies.
    Liza Jane tie dying is a good idea but his will remain a beach garment to go over a swimsuit .
    Sarah i have done a PR review -see side bar - and I did my best to neaten the facing so it became a design feature.
    Michelle and Rosy thank you for your comments.

  6. Cute top...I always get mixed up about voile and lawn, which is more sheer. This looks very fresh as is. OK, is the next one pop flowers or peace signs? I'm smiling. Spent the day drafting a maxi skirt pattern and cutting fabric for a muslin. Thought of you.

  7. Very nicely fitted tunic. Voile although see-through is lovely to wear esp during our hot summer.

  8. Despite it being see through, I cannot see through its sheer gorgeousness on you, Valerie! It looks comfy and chic!

  9. Perfect attire while walking on the beach.

  10. Black sucks light, but you can compensate by underexposing if you use JPG-files or use -1 or -2 EV if you use RAW-files. If the black area is a large part of the photo, you must be more aware.

    1. Rune Thanks! I am thinking of starting a separate photo blog so I can learn from fellow photo bloggers. I have already joined a local photo club in an effort to upgrade me - that is, my knowledge and skills before I upgrade my camera.
      What do you think?

  11. I love this tunic and think it would be wonderful with some gaily patterned pants.