Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Burdastyle 2-2013-153 Dress or The Unwearable Muslin

Dear Blogging Friends,

The February 2013 issue of Burda style is a cracker. It has so many beautiful things in it. The raglan sleeve top with shoulder gathers that is becoming a classic over on PR, some lovely jackets, caftan tops, classic pants. The list goes on. There is also a designer dress with some interesting draping.
Burda Downloadable

Isn't it lovely. A vision of gorgeousness.
I had some poly knit that I had left at my daughter's that she had given back to me and I thought I would give it a quick go to see how it looked. I traced it off, cut it out.

The front pattern piece is certainly unusual as you can see. The instructions are convoluted as well. I must have read them over for about an hour on an off while eating breakfast and cleaning up. I would come back to them, go away, come back to them again. I got one sensible piece out of it which was 'Sew seam 2 on left front to seam 2 on front'. Ok. After that I gave up and looked at the photo and experimented with pins until I had a few 'aha' moments.

The neckline, which is a high slightly draped cowl is the curvy seam at the top right hand corner of the above photo. The left front (pictured) and the shoulder seam adjoining it become all the draping that hangs from the left shoulder. The pointy bit at the left waist at the bottom of seam between the two doubles back to join onto the slit at the other side after linings and waistbands and whatnot are sewn on.

I wasn't including linings or waistbands in this muslin, just trying to figure out the basic assembly.  I sewed the front waist seam as one continuous line from the slot and over the point and continued on to the other edge and in doing so sewed the waist edge of the left front to the left front portion of the skirt.

Wrong Side

Right Side, yes that's me, standing on a chair.

This is how it looked. I sort of got it figured out. The back of the dress is straightforward.

Then I tried it on and this is where the story ends.  The style is interesting and the drape is original but instead of a present wrapped with a bow I looked like a sausage wrapped in bacon.
No photo folks.
I need to go make a t-shirt or something.

Till later,

Edit:  I found some reviews on the Russian Burda style site.This one looks good..belkair
If you go back a page you can see others.


  1. It is disappointing when the muslin shows that the image in our heads isn't going to be reality--thanks for sharing the disappointment.

  2. I am so sorry for you and understand what how you are feeling. I fell in love with this dress too.
    Yours is the best reaction, jumping on another project.
    Good Luke.

  3. Oh gosh...sorry; really don't mean to be rude....but your last paragraph still has me giggling! I'm just not much of a dress peson, so my opinion has to be taken with a grain of salt, but I look at that dress and I see Trouble!

    Sorry though...at least your vision got squashed by a muslin, not the good stuff!

    1. Thanks ladies!

      Jilly Be it does not look like much on the hangar either.

      To be fair it may drape better if I had included the waistband pieces which may have extended the length of the mid section of the dress - or not - I could not figure that out from the instructions.

      I know there is someone out there somewhere that has the right figure and skills to make this dress look amazing .. there has to be!

    2. p.s Glad I gave you a laugh. Can't win them all ..

  4. This dress is very showy in the original photo of the magazine, but I know many people on the Internet that disappointed when they sewed it ... I also laughed a lot with your occurrences

  5. I am hoping to pick up this issue - so many people have raved about it. A pity about your dress though - I am sure somehow those instructions make sense somehow but who knows how .
    It is that your sewsmobile in your new banner ?

  6. Dear Valerie, you are so cute and funny! I've had quite a few of those wrapped sausage moments, too.... After spending so much time at it, so sorry the dress turned out to be a dud. Good solution, do something else. xx

  7. Shame you went to the trouble of deciphering all the instructions and it didn't work for you. Maybe you can salvage the fabric for a skirt?

  8. Yay. You can salvage the fabric.
    I've had the sausage a few times before.

  9. Rosy - I haven't seen any other reviews of this pattern anywhere on the internet..
    Janine - my issue is borrowed from my local library! I've been bugging the one newsagent in my suburb that carries Burda but it hasn't come in yet.
    Patricia - luckily I only spent one morning on it. I am almost feeling inspired to alter the draping and give it another go ..
    BJ - the fabric is not sewing machine friendly, that why I zoomed everything together with the serger. I once had a German sewist tell me that the Burda instructions make perfect sense to her .. go figure!
    Velo - sounds like most of us have!
    Janine - no it's my escape mobile..

  10. Excuse my digression, nut kudos for that new header - the good old days :-)

  11. I think this style needs a plain colour. Shame you weren't happy. That Kombi on your banner takes me back to the 1970s and my carefree teens on the beach in Queensland.

    1. I agree, a plain colour, the bow and crosswise stretch linen or stretch satin as recommended.
      Re the kombi - me too!

  12. Hi Valerie, I have just found your blog and you have given me the best laugh in ages; a sausage wrapped in bacon. I have had many of those disasters over my many sewing years but never thought of that description, so it will become my mantra when something doesn't work out. It happens to the best of us. If this is any consolation, one of my dearest friends here in Brisbane is a professional dressmaker and she has made this dress. She told me it is the first time in many years that she couldn't understand the German instructions ( she is German and gets the German copy of Burda) and had to just work it out herself. Her version of this dress is in white and with a black belt which she made as she didn't have time to find 5cm wide peters ham ribbon. I had to help fit the back of the dress and it has turned out well but not without some serious head scratching.

  13. Hi Valerie, these dresses always get me in too. They look wonderful in the magazines but just don't often turn out how we envisage they will. You have a great attitude when things go wrong. You just move on to the next project :-) Can't wait to see what you do next!

  14. Thanks for sharing your experience with this pattern. I was just looking at it, but was unsure if I wanted to attempt it. I think I'll pass! Love your VW bus header -- my dad had an orange one with a white roof, and my grandmother made little orange and white curtains for the windows. I thought it was so cool!