Friday, 15 March 2013

Second Dress from Marcy Tilton V8876

Dear Blog Readers, I have been at it again.

I had some more material just waiting for a special pattern and the idea for a two tone dress to show off the panels of V8876 sprang to mind.

I'd ordered these two pieces of lovely quilting material some time ago, from the Valori Wells Karavan collection. I was going to make a pink maxi dress with an elephant print border but when they arrived I just couldn't picture it. The pink was too pink, if you know what I mean, too much for the whole dress and I had only ordered 1.5 yards of the elephant bone coloured material. 
I could have kept both for a quilt but I make roughly one quilt a decade. Then I got this idea. It would work - or I would look like a clown, in which case the material would get cut up and used for a quilt after all.


Just kidding. I love it. BTW that's the dress flaring out .. not my behind!

On other matters

Pattern Cutting by Dennis Chunman Lo, 2011 published by Laurence King Publishing Ltd, London, UK.

I recently bought this book on Pattern Cutting that is drafting patterns in the flat from body measurements. I'd read pattern drafting books in the past that I had borrowed from the local library but this one has given me so many 'a ha' moments about how patterns are made and how designs are interpreted.

I want to give it all a go! Watch this space! 

Happy sewing,


  1. I think this pattern was just made for you, Valerie. Both of your dresses are just outstanding. I did make one - it's awful on me, just not suited to my bod at all. But beautiful on you. I adore Valerie Wells, not all of her designs, but some. Particularly her elephants and the Karavan collection.

    1. Coco I am so sad that this pattern did not work for you. Did you try it in tunic length without the border?
      This has happened to me before. I go crazy about a pattern that doesn't seem to suit anyone else on the planet.. but we all have our own styles no?
      BTW I discovered Valori Wells through your blog, so thank you.

  2. Valerie, this dress is brilliant! You are on a roll... The elephant print is wonderful; I have never heard of Valerie Wells, but I'm off to check her out now. I have never liked drafting, after the way I learnt it at school, so await with interest your journey with this new book.

  3. Wow what a unique and beautiful dress and the fabrics are just adorable!! This dress looks amazing on you holy cow!! Thats awesome you found a good book I might have to check it out I really want to do a pattern course but they are always full or really expensive! Love what you have been making!! :)

  4. Valerie, your dress is absolutely brilliant, and you look great! You just nailed it!
    And the book? So cool! I´m looking forward to seeing what you make of it!

  5. Oh my! Thank you ladies.
    Patricia, Valori Wells does some fabulous designs and the quality of the material is very good.
    Erin I've always wanted to do a drafting course too but never had the time! I love everything you've been making lately too!
    Merche High praise indeed! I am flattered!

  6. The shape of the dress and the high collar look fantastic on you. It's a really unique and artsy piece. I love it! Pink is always such a hard color to judge online. I like certain shades of pink and I order a lot of pink fabric online-- but I'm always surprised when it shows up. I think using the pink in panels like this was perfect.

  7. I love what you did with this pattern. It caught my eyes too. I just need to find the perfect fabric for it.

  8. Valerie, that is a gorgeous, playful dress and I just love it on you. I never like them in the pattern book, but you have made me see the possibilities in the pattern. You've given me ideas about how to use up some gingham in my stash, which is very pollyanna ish. Thank you!

  9. I love how you combined these prints for this dress pattern. Perfect!

  10. You have done a great job balancing this style with these fabrics. It's stunning.
    Have fun drafting too!

  11. Love your new version. Mine copy of this pattern has just arrived and I'm thinking sleeves.