Friday, 22 March 2013

Vogue 8765 ..again

Dear Blog Friends,

If I like a pattern I tend to use it 2,3,4 times. Sometimes I flog it to death. I could show you examples from times past before I started to blog but I will spare you. I might do a reminiscence post later.

Anyway I have made a dress and two tops from V8765 before. I like the simple wiggle-dress lines of this pattern, so I knocked out this:

In an effort to be more adventurous with my fashion shoots I have ventured off my balcony and into the park across the road with my dress of brown feathers in horizontal lines. the material is a stretch cotton sateen bought three months ago with this pattern in mind. It is slightly too heavy for how hot it will be today but will be good when Autumn weather finally comes. I've said that in my reviews before but we are having a really long Indian Summer.

Shots taken early morning. Hey eight am is early by Saturday standards isn't it?

Not early enough. Photo bombed by a local jogger.

Happy Weekend everyone,


  1. I love your dress Valerie, a perfect style for the feathern design. My favourite type of sleeve. He he re the photo bomber - I am glad he was not a mugger! Do you use a tripod?

  2. Patricia , Yes I do use a tripod most of the time. My neighbours find my early morning excursions with camera bag and tripod and heels quite amusing ..

  3. I agree with Patricia, another great fitting pattern for showcasing special materials. Funny about the jogger - photo bombing that is a new term to me.

    1. 'Photobombing' is actually when a person creeps up behind the subject to get in the photo on purpose. He saw me setting up so you never know!

  4. Great dress! I wonder if that guy realizes his morning jog has been documented for all the world to see?! Too funny!

  5. Great dress Valerie - love the neckline.

  6. This is an awesome dress. The style suits you so nicely and the fabric is a perfect match. Very pretty!! haha about the photobomber!! It has been hot this summer I can't wait for it to cool down. Heard Melbourne has been a shocker lately too!

  7. Hi Val! Nice to "meet" you and your sewing skills! I am a big fan of stripes so your dress gets a thumbs up from me. I like to take pics of my outfits in the shade- the details show up better. <--handy unsolicited photo tip of the day, lol. Take care! -Bella Q

  8. Great dress. This is such a nice style for you. Ha - your hem is perfect! Ever do a stripe fabric and have the hem stripe drip off ...

  9. Thank you ladies. To those new to my blog welcome!

    Bella Q I knew about shooting in the shade but I am just trying out everything. I wanted the big sandstone blocks in the background and thought the early morning light would be soft enough. Nope! It's all part of the learning curve.

    Coco yes I have had stripes go off in unwanted directions! I didn't show you the mismatched bit on the skirt side seam!

  10. Hi Val, I found you for opposite reasons to how you found me! Im a writer and part time 'sewing lady'. Jxx

  11. Ha! How excellent. Welcome!