Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bag from Recycled Jeans

Dear Blog Friends,

The Happy Recipient

The Story

A couple of weekends ago when Sydney was having it's No It's Not Autumn Yet heatwave I drove down the coast to go to a lovely Sunday craft market that is held once a month at one of the coastal schools. Their grounds overlook the ocean - can you imagine?

I spent a lovely afternoon talking to artists and photographers and second hand clothing stall holders and to an old lady that makes bags out of recycled jeans and decorates them with shells. I'd already bought a few things, been given free apples, almost bought a seascape .. but best of all this lady gave me inspiration for the stash. I already had shells and zippers and D- rings.

I told my daughter about the bags and she said "Oh Mum can you make me one?" I said "How big and what shape?" She wanted me to replicate a favourite bag, a simple square with a zipper and rings at the corners and a clip on strap.

Now I had made lined bags before with magnetic snap closures. I had never made one with a zip and a lining and tabs with rings. I searched through my bag patterns and searched the net.
I found a good tutorial here which was helpful for the basic idea. The rest I figured out while flying by the seat of my pants. The How I Did it Review for PR link here.

We were going shopping then out for lunch. DD emptied her other bag and used this one straight away.  
Can't get better validation than that.

The front was made out of the seat, the back from one leg cut open. Lining was blue floral cotton from the stash.  Strap recycled from an unused strap from a travel bag. Zip pull recycled from yet another worn out bag. I've been collecting bag bits for a while. I purchased the round nickel rings from the jewellery section at Spotlight. Broken seashell charm came from my beachcomber shell collection.

I hope this is not making me sound like a pack rat. I'm not ... really ...

Happy sewing everyone,


  1. Love it, so boho and 70's. Lucky DD! Are you making yourself one?

  2. Lucky daughter, who knew a good thing when she saw it! Brilliant sew Valerie. x

  3. Thanks ladies. She now wants a big one - 'like this but twice as wide' because there is still denim left. haha It is going in the queue..

  4. How clever is that. Very nice - great idea.

  5. I have some daughters who would have loved that bag :-)

    1. Maybe I should start taking orders ..

  6. Fabulous. My daughter would adore this too.