Monday, 20 May 2013

Round Denim Bag

Dear People,

A number of factors have being conspiring against my being able to sew in recent months. That is why my blog has sort of shuffled down to half speed. I still have lots of patterns and lots of plans and I am still on track with my year of stash busting. I hope to get up to full speed soon.

By the way whittling down the stash has been quite satisfying. Rather than being a burden it is something of a relief to put a black line through the list on the side of one of my tubs whenever I use a piece, to re-assess what I've got and to move closer towards using some of the really yummy fabrics I bought during my sojourn in Europe and before that in Sydney. Packing and storing my things and moving twice when a third of my belongings was stash makes the idea of reducing the stash very attractive indeed.

However my resolve was tested by an invitation from The Fabric Store for a 'Fabriholics Anonymous' sale. Hmmm .. but I resisted by remembering the 100% silk velvet bought before just waiting to be made up, silk boucle from Paris, pure wool from I-don't-remember-where, Liberty and so on. It's time to stop hoarding the good stuff till later. Of course there will still be the practical things and muslins but lovely material deserves to see the light of day and lovely things deserve to be worn.

Yesterday I had the day off and I managed to make up this denim bag, made to order for my daughter. It is made from the offcuts of the denim jacket blogged about in my previous post.

The variegated stripe effect is from creases in the denim that took up more dye. I love accidental design details!

I did not use a pattern, just traced the outline of the biggest lid in the kitchen for the body and lining, and made long 3 1/2" strips for the gusset and strap. Ribbon loop and button closure. I am going to drop it off at DD's on my way to work.

Happy sewing,


  1. Cool bag and those darker lines add interest.

  2. Super cute. The dye lines are great, lucky DD.

  3. You are a whiz with denim Valerie. Great sew, and I am sure DD appreciates you very much.xx

  4. Thanks Ladies. It doubles as a cushion cover!

  5. I know several females in my nearest family who would have loved to have one like that!

    But not those one has to wheel around ...

  6. Cool bag! And yes, it is time to stop hoarding "the good stuff" and let us see what you create with them!