Saturday, 8 June 2013

What strange thing is she making now? Kwik Sew 3926

Dear Readers,

Sometimes our sewing journey leads us in paths that we don't expect and a strange request from someone close leads us to the sections of the sewing books otherwise usually avoided. The sections with strange dog costumes and weird doll clothes and tissue box covers..Although I have to admit the dog Halloween costumes are good for a laugh.

Recently my daughter asked me to make her a 'onesie'. You know, a baby jumpsuit, 'with feet' but for an adult. "It's all the rage Mum, and kinda practical, don't you think". Visions of elegant outerwear for myself sank from my mind. Um..OK.. 'and it's got to have an elasticized panel in the back so the top tucks in like a shirt for midnight loo trips. I got the idea from one I saw in Target but I know you can make it better'..Um Yeah... 'and I've bought the material, it's kinda furry in blue and white chevrons..isn't it great?' Sure Darling. I love her a lot you know. No one else could get away with this.

That's is how I came to be looking through Halloween patterns for an all-in-one sleep suit. I found one but it didn't have feet..which led me to Kwik Sew 3926 and a quick project knocked out on the serger from leftovers. If nothing else I am being thrifty.

Hmm good for watching TV

Watch out for a chevron striped onesie...with feet..and snaps.

Happy Sewing,



  1. These look super comfy and toasty warm - exactly what we need at this time of the chilly year...J

  2. Those slippers look so comfortable and I like that they go above the ankle, that´s normally where I get cold!
    Looking forward to seeing the onesie!

  3. I want some! I wear socks all the time in the house, what a great way to save my socks :-) and play with the stash. Love these.

  4. Thank you ladies. The onesie is on the cutting table now.

  5. Love those toastie warm sox! Aren't onesie's the funniest garment? can't wait to see that...
    I need a new serger to replace my vintage 1980s one - do you have any recommendations?

    1. Hi Patricia. My only recommendation regarding a serger is Do NOT buy a second hand one. Apart from that I really do not think you can go wrong. I bought a Bernina 700D years ago after my own second hand serger debacle. My SIL had one and it is a nice machine. If I upgrade it will probably be a Bernina again, but this time with a free arm. I own a separate coverstitcher, which I would not be without but a serger/coverstitcher combo is maybe something to look at too.
      The salespeople in sewing machine shops are always happy to answer questions and let you try their machines. It will be hard to walk out without buying something but do the rounds, take home brochures, ask for specials.. Have fun!

    2. Thankyou Valerie, I had to Google coverstitch because I did not know what it was. I use a twin needle if I want that effect! So much to learn, obviously. Thanks for your help. x

  6. great way to use up scraps and totally unique - where else could you get such great little toe warmers without sewing them.

  7. Judging by how cute those slipper socks turned out, I'm sure the onesie will be fab!

  8. These are adorable, and thrifty. I love them.