Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Crazy Coat and another Giveaway

Dear Readers,

The Christine Jonson pattern is on it's way to Meggipeg and it was so much fun that I have decided on impulse to do it again. I'm giving another pattern away.

My current project is a little fun coat to use up some folkloric material that has marinated in the stash for a few years. Luckily, since I love the colors I don't care whether or not folkloric is in fashion at the moment.

Is it in, out, or somewhere in suspended animation? On second thoughts, don't tell me. As if the ladies of Advanced Style (see blog on my sidebar) would care. They would just accessorize it with chunky jewelery and a fox fur hat and go for it. I may as well tell you during my travels I nearly bought a fox fur hat from a Russian craft fair in northern Norway.  A few more Norwegian shots here I'd never seen any snow capped mountains before and there they were at the end my my street opposite my hostel.

Unfortunately I had run out of money for fox hats, needing to keep eating on my travels. I also missed out on buying a Norwegian hand knitted sweater  :((

Anyway ... here's the work in progress.

No It's Not a Matador Costume!

My quick (ha ha) project is turning out to be a little more time consuming than I expected. The material is a very fine lightweight corduroy. The design is printed on the fabric and is a mix of flowered borders and panels and has a one way nap. Lots of work with placement. It needed interlining. And the pattern is way more complex than first appears. I am simplifying it to let the material do the talking.

What's the pattern? You, dear reader, have to tell me. The first five people that comment correctly with the pattern number of the above project & who want the pattern below will go in the draw for this OOP beauty. It's late. I will try to post a clearer photo of this design ensemble tomorrow. Uncut, much admired but untouched. 12 -14-16. 

If no one guesses my coat pattern number I will give out more clues.

Happy Sleuthing,



  1. More hints! I'm intrigued but have no idea. Will you tell us the pattern company? I like that fabric and think a coat made from it will be fabulous- albeit even better with a fox fur hat.

  2. The fabric is gorgeous... Happy sewing.

  3. That is going to be an amazing jacket and the pattern is Vogue 1048 Myrene De Premonville Suit Pattern - I cheated, you can see the pattern number on the bottom of the pattern in the above picture :)

  4. No Sharon that is the prize pattern. The one you have to guess is the coat I am making.

    Hint 2 It is a Vogue Patterns Original by a lady quite famous in the sewing world.

  5. Vogue 1212 by SB Today`s Fit? No? Please, hint 3. B.r.,

    1. Ruta You got it! Email me at valerie.lebedev@hotmail.com and I will send it to you.

  6. Apologies. I know I said the first five would go in the draw but I was so impressed that Ruta got it before I could post a picture with the pattern number blanked out that it's hers! (Sometimes my impartiality falls by the wayside as regular readers may know ..)
    Ruta it will be on your way soon!