Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Easy, Simple, Quick New Look 6265

It is a fact that the simplest patterns become the workhorses of the sewist's life.

The dependable and almost automatic pilot sewing ease of such patterns is soothing to the soul after dealing with the Vogue Supermodels of the pattern world. They come out, strut their stuff, get all the attention then get back in their box. The *T-N-T's comes out for new pyjama bottoms for DD and a garment is made in a morning. I exhale. The tank top makes up well too.
The pattern is New Look 6265 which is unfortunately out of print. (I know for sure, Pattern Review says so!)
* Tried and True

My sewing mascot, Raymond the sheep, was a gift from a friend who holidayed in New Zealand. Australians tease New Zealanders over their preoccupation with sheep. I found out that the Scots are teased in the same way.. But back on topic, a pattern with similar yoga-type pants that is currently available is New Look 6977 link

Happy sewing. I leave you with a shot I took this morning of my winter orchids.

xx Val.


  1. Love the tnt patterns.. Fun sewing for sure..
    Love your new pj bottoms.. cute!!!

  2. Pretty -both the pants and the orchid.

  3. Thanks ladies. My next crazy project will commence shortly.

  4. BTW Welcome to Stela and Dianne. Thank you for following my blog.

  5. Nice shot of the orchids - they would never have made it (oudoors) here in winter - frozen stiff. local "heatwave" this week 25C.

    1. Oh wow, break out the Factor 15...My orchids are going berserk because our 'cold' winter days reach an average of about 18 C.

  6. Cosy - Just the thing for these cool evenings.