Sunday, 8 September 2013

Stretch Lace Skirt

Dear Sewing Bloggers,

I want to announce the return of my enthusiasm for sewing. My 'mojo' has been missing for some months now, due to a number of factors. There were family illnesses and my own injury to a tendon in my hand that took forever to heal and made doing the scissor action of cutting out very difficult. There were a variety of other things that took my time and attention.
Well, all my family, I am glad to say, is well. My hand is better. Also I found that, while rotary cutters did nothing to help my situation, Fiskars spring loaded scissors help enourmously. That and the passage of time.

Anyway, enough. Life goes on and there are pretty patterns out there! I whipped up a little lace skirt on Saturday and today, in the midst of my photo shoot, my place is full of clothes that I am altering and projects I am planning to do and there is sewing stuff everywhere. Just like old times!

Here is the skirt with a top that is also me-made that works best with it.

I made the skirt to go with this top but I am not so sure it works .. I'll just wear it with pants!

I might have to make me another top with black trim..

Here is a better photo of the skirt, folded back to show the under layer and the deep cover stitched hem. Top layer stretch poly lace and under layer a mystery black knit, both from my stash.

The skirt how to: Take any straight skirt pattern, even a lining pattern for a skirt will do. Use that as your base. Make sure the finished circumference at hip level is your widest hip measurement plus 2" ease. The length is whatever length you want plus 2" hem. Cut the lining layer one inch shorter than the shell. If both your shell and lining are stretchy you can taper the skirt in for the waist as per your pattern, just don't sew the darts as you will be putting elastic in - half inch woven elastic two inches less than your waist circumference. Assemble your skirt and your lining. I serged mine. Put the skirt over the lining. The seams on the shell facing the lining layer, and the seams on the lining layer facing inwards, so they won't show through the lace when the skirt is worn. 

At the waist fold the top seam allowances in on themselves, place one or to pins. Flip the layers out so you can readjust the first two pins and finish pinning around the circle. This is how I figure out how to do my elastic casing. It will make sense when you do it. Serge the edge. Flip it out the right way and do a narrow zig zag 5/8" from the edge, leaving a little gap. Thread your elastic in from the inside of the garment and stitch. Try the skirt on for length. Cover stitch (or narrow zig zag) your hems. 

There it is, an in between season garment, up to date and as comfortable as a slip.

p.s. I needed thread and elastic to finish this on the weekend but when I went to my local Lincraft, which is ..umm.. poorly stocked at the best of times to get Gutterman thread I ended up trying Scanfil for the first time. My cantankerous cover stitcher loves that stuff. Bliss!

More to come soon,


  1. The pattern of the lace is really pretty and I like both tops with the skirt :)

  2. That is very pretty. I do like both tops with it but the length of the first top is perfect for it. Great job.

  3. I like both tops as well, but if you feel happier in the tie top, then wear that - the other has a different mood, so I guess you could wear the abstract top on those days.

  4. Glad to hear your mojo is back and all's well with you and your family. The skirt is nice with both tops. Versatile skirt, the lace is very good for it.

  5. Thanks ladies. It's always exciting to get comments straight away! BJ It is a length issue, but I don't want to shorten the black and white top. Luckily I have some black tops that are the right length as well.

  6. Lovely skirt and very stylish right now with all the lace on the runways. Also, the skirt length is perfect for you and really flatters your legs. Love it!

  7. Love a lace skirt. Do you wear heels, even small ones as this would make your black and white top feel much better, however I like it with the flats as well.

  8. Beautiful skirt, Valerie. You will wear this with everything! Sometimes the easiest projects are the best :)

  9. Glad the mojo is back and wrist is working! Pretty skirt, I like both tops, altho the first is more fun.

  10. A super skirt, Val, and I like both tops too. I like the black and white one best, but can see also that it is a length issue. This length probably looks best with pants, but if you shorten it for the skirt you lose the pants option. I have this dilemma all the time!
    The lace is lovely, and you will feel very pretty wearing this skirt.

  11. A beautiful skirt! Great notes, thanks so much.
    I love the black and grey blouse in the middle picture, that's so gorgeous! A really beautiful fabric and it suits you great.
    I did not read many of your posts yet (I will catch up wtih a few more soon) so I don't know if you may have blogged this top as well?

  12. Snap. My sewing mojo has returned too, isnt it fun. Love the second outfit, very nice.

  13. Thanks everyone. Sharon it ended up looking too formal with heels, especially when worn with black tops, nice but not the casual look I was after. (I don't work in an office, I change into scrubs when I get to work).
    Coco, thank you for your support and understanding ;)
    Patricia, Exactly!
    Giselle, yes I have. Search my subject list under 'tops'.
    Louise, great!

  14. I love that first top. Excellent choice of fabric and contrast. And it goes really well with that skirt. Love those colours together.

  15. A girl needs a good black skirt in her closet! I think you can wear this with the raglan tee for a more casual look, but you definitely shine in the black trimmed blouse. It's a fantastic combination.

  16. So glad you are enjoying your sewing again. I love your black lace skirt since it is so versatile now that lace can be its dressy self but also more casual.

  17. I've decided lace skirts are just the thing for dress up dress down elegance. Your first top is really nice - didn't notice it on any previous posting.

    1. Thanks Gail. The top made a guest appearance here when I was reviewing some cargo pants.

  18. The pattern of the lace is really nice.