Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A tub of bleach and a revamp of NL 6251

Hello People,

In my previous post I made New Look 6251 cargos from chambray and I wrote about how they just didn't come out how I wanted. While my daughter's reaction was 'ditch them!' I was convinced it was the color that was the problem. I had a bottle of bleach and had bought some olive green dye. I experimented a scrap of the chambray in a little bowl and poured some bleach into it, went to work and later in the day this was the rather interesting result.

I am a tie dyer from the 70's but the only time I had played with bleach was to do dribbly zig-zag borders on tank tops using it full strength. I had not thought of it as an agent to use on yardage until I read this post by the very creative Shams

I have other plans for my green dye. The bleach won. I laid my pants on a plastic sheet and sprayed them with a solution that was roughly half/half bleach and water and let them dry. The result wasn't pale enough so I then made up a bucket of one and a half cups of bleach to the bucket of warm water, dunked my pants in and left them for twelve hours. Then I had the result I wanted. You can see a faded version of the original color in the seam line.

The next thing to do was to take them in, mainly at the belt. I unpicked half the back seam and took out a total of one inch of the back seam and also of the belt, which I cut at the CB. I also increased shaped it in a bit. Then it fit. I left off the CB belt loop. It would have been too bulky and now I don't need the belt.

The next thing I did was stitch the pleats on the pockets in place so they wouldn't gape like pack saddles the minute I used them.

From granny pants to casual cargos.
Time for some tops, in white, something I need. This is on the sewing table.

A little short boxy T, using bits from Simplicity 3775 as a starting point. I can shape it up or trim it down as I go..

Happy sewing,


  1. Fantastic revamp. I think they look so much better, now!

  2. Thank you ladies. It also means all the work did not go to waste.

  3. Yes! They look much better. Great job!