Saturday, 5 October 2013

Cotton Cargos based on New Look 6251

Dear Sewing Bloggers,

I have a dilemma. A pleasant one. I have made up some cargos using the front of New Look 6251 and the back of my pants block with a lower rise and a straightened leg. I fiddled with the front of the New Look pattern to add pockets and to make the wrap around side panels stop at the side seams. The dilemma is this, while I can blog anything and share what ideas I used and from where, at what point does this become annoying when doing a Pattern Review? Should I do one or not?

Do reviews of Frankenpatterns put you off? Or is the sharing of an amalgamation of ideas a good thing? Do the very words 'I used my pants block' send you running in the opposite direction?

Fresh from the sewing cave

New Look 6251

Lots of details that show up better in real life: belt loops, double stitching, pocket flaps, second pockets higher up instead of a line of trim.

The leg looks straight from front or back but is actually tapered.

If I do these again in a plain fabric I will do it the way the pattern is drafted with a back leg seam but still use my pants block in two parts because of my sway back. I actually didn't notice the front panel goes around the back until I had to chop a lot of the side panels and went 'what the' and had a good look at the rest of the pattern (which of course I should have done to start with, my mistake!)  I narrowed the front panels slightly as well. There was a lot of machine basting and unpicking involved but these pants are going to get worn well this summer. The pattern is a nice one with nice details. The shorts option is looking tempting.

It's a long weekend here. What are all you guys doing?



  1. No sewing this weekend, desperately trying to think what to make, using my stash which is mostly lightweight, we are approaching winter here no joy. Your pants are brilliant I like patterns that are tweaked, they are a great fit. As for patternreview, I have put up patterns I have modified., Everyone goes or patternreview for different things, social, research, inspiration, so I wound put it on. It's a clever idea and someone will be inspired.

  2. Hey Valerie, fellow Sydney Sider!

    yup - maybe the good ol earplugs work? yes some community education around introverts is what we need - cant wait to find an "introvert" coffee mug!

    1. Hi Denise! Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my comment on your blog (for readers that are wondering what is going on). I work in a team environment and can't just pop in earplugs..People really don't know what goes on in the operating suite sometimes lol

  3. I do read the frankenfurtern pattern reviews and as long as your pants block is linked then that makes it even better as you can follow the story and maybe get motivated to get it a go yourself. These pants are definitely going to get a work out this summer and I'm trying to finish up a jacket.

  4. I like to see it all. I like to know what you can do with a pattern. If it is explained then it is great information

  5. Thanks ladies. I'll be reviewing my Frankenfurter (love that Sharon) as soon as I finish version number 2 from chambray, which is closer in shape to the original pattern. I'm on a roll.

  6. I've hesitated as to what to describe on Pattern Review (although I'm generally so late with my reviews that it's kind of immaterial) - but yes, I think it is useful to see where you can go with a pattern as your starting point. And there are plenty of self drafted reviews up there.

    BTW I haven't been commenting on your pants block posts but have been reading them with keen interest - I am so impressed!

  7. Nice pants. I don't read that many reviews yet, but now that I have time maybe I will. I think you should put frankenpatterns up there because some people don't have the vision to see where they might go or even think to use one pattern block on back and front (good idea - that I didn't think of until I read it a while ago). I do like that pattern.

  8. I like to read anything you write about your sewing, and especially how you tweak the patterns. As virtually no pattern fits me without alterations, I am an avid reader of what you do. The new pants look great, and yes, you will get lots of wear from them.

  9. Gabrielle, I thought I was the last one to review any pattern that was having a run on Pattern Review...
    Summer Flies,,I've learnt so mush from reading reviews and it is how I discovered that people had sewing blogs..
    Patricia, Thank you. I feel encouraged by your comment.

  10. Nice light pants. You'll need them for the hot weather ahead.

  11. Great pants!! sure show off all the work you put into your sloper. and I love that you used pieces of different patterns. As to PR, well, I don't put on things I've meshed, but that's just me. I blog them, though, and like to read about them on other blogs.

  12. Your pants are perfect for warm weather! I'm jealous -- the weather is cooling down here and I'm thinking about putting away all of my batik-y summer clothes. I like to read about modifications/combos that are made to commercial patterns on PR, as they spark new ideas.