Thursday, 17 October 2013

Easy Sewing

After all those pants I needed some quick, easy sewing that soothes the mind and restores the sewing mojo. Just cut it out and make it. No puzzles, no mad experiements. No bleach. (My bathroom and floors have never been cleaner, recycling that stuff!)

I made a sort of A line/circle skirt. It is a bit less than a quarter circle when laid out flat, front and back the same, with a zipper and elastic through a narrow waist band. The straight of the grain is through the centre front and centre back.  the back has a centre seam to save on material. I could have done away with the zipper, it is just wide enough to pull over my hips.

I had forgotten how nice it is to wear a skirt with a bit of swish.

The material is a cotton sateen from Spotlight in black with jewel colors and a black grid pattern on top.
Have you ever looked at a material on the roll and thought, no, won't work, then you see it draped it over a dummy in the store and see the possibilities? This was one of those. It may have been too  much as a dress but it works as a skirt.

Oh and that boxy T based on Sim 3775 from my previous post?

The material is quite thick, with not much stretch but I like the neckline and the modified cap sleeves (extended by two inches and straightened across the hem) and will be using the idea again.

Off to put on the flippy skirt and go shopping..

Yesterday afternoon much of Sydney was covered in a pall of smoke that looked like a brown and purple bruise as the soot and debris of bush fires was carried on 89K winds. Fires ringed the mountains to the east and south. The temperature was a freaky 36 C. This followed two dry hot months. My commiserations to any one affected. On the news it says about 200 homes have been burnt down and it is not even summer yet. No lives have been lost, so everyone is counting their blessings.



  1. Love your skirt... Looks good on you.. SO sorry about the fires.. Pray they get it under control soon and no more lost home.. Thank God there is no loss lives.

  2. Great skirt. I love the flair of it. And yes I know what that is like to see the fabric on the roll and go nuh - and then I normally see it on someone's blog looking tres chic..... doh! Having issues seeing the last 2 pics of the top - they are just showing up as little squares. I think it is my laptop - it's going into meltdown. Aren't the fires scary? I was up at Castle Hill yesterday and it was raining ash!

    1. Dear BJ, No it wasn't your laptop, I was changing my mind about pictures! My daughter told me the sky was purple over Blacktown too. I hope it all stops soon and we get some steady soaking rain.

  3. Love the skirt - great choice of fabric! Fingers crossed for the rain ... J

  4. It is a lovely skirt - the smoke was thick up here too. I remember the Adelaide Ash Wednesday fires well - the ash literally fell in the city ( I was living in Adelaide then). I decided not to complain about the smoke and sinus headache - but thought about the people who lost their homes.

  5. Great, flirty skirt. Don´t you just feel instantly prettier in one of those? I know I do! And it is great to recover from the trousers adventure!

  6. Get out! how do you get so much sewing done?! I'm home all day - although my house is coming down around my ears, roof, garage, plumbing - and cannot get one single thing finished so far in October!!! Cute skirt!

  7. I love your flippy, flirty skirt Val, and a quick sew does wonders for the morale. And why is that nice fabric not in my local Spotlight, I ask... So very sad about the bushfires, and really a surprise so early in the season. I hope the rains come soon.

  8. Everyone needs to make a flippy, twirly skirt now and then! I think I need one now.