Saturday, 12 October 2013

Meh! Pants. New Look 6251

No no, give them away. Chuck them out! They make you look like grandma. Maybe you could give them to grandma!

This was my daughter's reaction upon seeing my latest NL 6251 pant incarnation. Well.. I had asked her for her opinion and honesty between us is guaranteed and cheerfully accepted. DD had already given me full approval of my previous version here with the imperative "Make me some exactly the same but at shorts level." From what material, dear? I said with a smile. Oh Anything cottony from the stash. "The stash is depleted. I may have to go into the City for a bout of fabric shopping.." "Oh, That's too bad, she said with an even wider grin. "I may have to take you to lunch to help deal with it".

In the meantime, what do I do with the latest cargos? I had made them out of a cotton chambray from the now almost-year-long-raided stash. The fabric was smooth and nice before I washed it then turned  wrinkled and slightly scratchy. Still, I thought, the plain color would show up topstitching and details, and the cotton can take a hot iron and just be thrown in the wash with jeans..

The 'meh' pants.

Modelled tucked in with an upholstery trim + plastic sliding catch belt I made to hold them up. That's the other thing..I am going to exercise classes with a friend and I am shrinking...
DD said "I like the belt but no, No!"

With the top out? Look I have pockets.. "No!"

Take them up? Take them in and lower the waist? Spray them with bleach? Dye them?
"No, bin them! Give them away" was the reply. By now it was a comedy routine.

While my daughter's reaction tallies with my own doubts, I am reluctant to give up on these pants completely even though I did not get the effect I was after but a more sombre one. They are wearable.
I have put them through a hot wash to soften them and I am feeling the urge to go up the road for a packet of dark green dye.


Next in the queue is simple skirt and a knit top or two.

Have a good weekend,



  1. I don't think they look that bad but they do look big. Keep shrinking and you'll have to work on a new pants block! :)

  2. I think these will be very useful for those run around the house doing jobs day- practical and if a bit big, probably all the better for those sorts of things. But if you are in two minds, don't wear them out :)

  3. I like them but Im biased I love chambray fabric. You could take them in and see that helps or turn them into shorts.

  4. I'd turn them into shorts just above the knee. Personally I don't think the proportions work on short cargos - them just women off in the wrong place.

  5. OMG bad typographic error - I meant to type they cut women off...

    1. don't worry, I agree - either short or long works best.

  6. LJ, taking in a pants block will be a pleasure ;)
    Sarah Liz and Louise, these are all good ideas. I experimented by soaking a remnant in a half/half solution of bleach while I was out. I liked the result and the pants have now been sprayed, scrunched and soaked in bleach. I will blogging the results.

  7. I don't think they look so bad, but agree with the comment not to wear them out if you feel not comfortable. Looking forward to seeing the results of the bleaching! Well done for going to exercise class, and enjoy that shrinking feeling!

  8. I think they're cute! Put a drawstring in the pants hem and rock'em :-)