Sunday, 24 November 2013

About time I posted Something..

Hello Sewists,

How's the party season going? Anyone else setting out to sew something special to go out in? I am waiting for some patterns to arrive in the post from Butterick, a company I seemed to have forgotten existed until I recently saw B5850 so beautifully made up by Goodbye Valentino.

Friends I had to have it! Mine, all mine, for my recently purchased silk and silk lining.
While I was at it I ordered a jacket pattern I just love. B5958

All the biker jackets that have been in for a while now do not suit my body but this I can do. I also like all the variations. I have enough material in the stash for that one. I do not want to go too crazy buying fabric now that I have opened the purchasing floodgates. My aim for next year is to make sure I only buy what I need to fill gaps in my wardrobe. To sew with some sort of organization, if not gulp A Plan. I like sewing where the wind of whimsy takes me, so you know, baby steps..

In the meantime, what have I sewn?

This, the silk/cotton skirt from Vogue 1247. the muslin was reviewed here.

I made the skirt a bit straighter than the green one and a touch longer.
The top in both sets of photos is embroidered stash cotton and the pattern is Burdastyle 135-07-2013,
reviewed here. I made it up with darts on both sides rather than the eccentric gather one one side dart on the other combo and it is a handy top to wear loose or tucked in. I was on my way out to lunch with some old school friends. We meet about three times a year to catch up. Today was back to being warm and summery so it was just the thing.

Hope all is good where you are,
Happy Sewing,


  1. Love the skirt ~ very summery with this top! Can't wait to see your version of 5850 whipped up ... J

  2. I love that B5850, especially the bow! Can't wait to see it, and that jacket pattern looks very chic and versatile. Cute little skirt :)

  3. I think Burda reissued that pattern recently, it looks really familiar and I have only been buying Burda for a year now. It is nice to see it made up (without the strange darts). It goes in my queue now. And of course I like your V1247.

  4. Pretty skirt & the length is great for you.

  5. Great skirt, isn't it? I'm getting ready to make No. 2. I do like your pretty fabric, too.

  6. Perfect little skirt for our summer weather!

  7. Great fabric on the skirt! I think the jacket will be a stunner on you.

  8. Thanks ladies.
    BTW re the dress I will put the straight skirt on it and tone down the bow a bit. I don't quite want that much foofiness :)

  9. Love your version of that 1247 skirt! Isn´t it the greatest pattern?
    And I´m looking forward to seeing what you make of those new ones!

  10. Hello Valerie, I'm new to your blog but enjoying very much. Nothing nicer than a simple neat skirt. Like others, I also thought the lime green was gorgeous - just not enough of that colour in our summers.

  11. Such a cute outfit! It is freezing cold here, at least for California, so I'm especially envious of your being able to wear something so light and pretty!