Sunday, 3 November 2013

Easy as can be Simplicity 2374

Dear Bloggers,

My DD came over yesterday and we had a very enjoyable morning together. I had made her some little boxer style shorts, which is what she likes to use for sleepwear. These are from Simplicity 2372 with no changes, just using the shorts pieces from View E. The material is a cute cotton from Spotlight with little white pigs.

I got a happy dance from her. I have used this pattern for her before dress with ruffle. It is an easy pattern with lots of good interchangeable elements.

DD was also happy to get some Cargo pocket shorts from New Look 6251, which I had previously made for myself.  Cargo Pants with custom made back  She liked mine so much she wanted some too!

I made a custom back piece for her. Genetics will rule. It is very similar to mine, sway back etc. she was very pleased with it. To quote my DD "There is nothing better than a custom made crotch".

BTW she is wearing high heels because she had brought over a bridesmaids dress for her BFF's wedding for me to shorten.  The wedding is in two weeks and the excitement is running high.. Everything at the moment is BW (before wedding) or AW (after wedding). Heaven help us all if it was DD's wedding..

Happy Sewing,


  1. Hi Val, those green little piggy shorts are just the cutest thing: lucky daughter! And excellent that she now has her own personal pants pattern. Great job!

  2. Such cute shorts.. Know your daughter was happy over her new clothes. Happy sewing.

  3. Thank you friends. Yes, she's lucky and she knows it. I have to admit her requests outnumber what I actually make and she is very grateful when I get into production line mode.