Friday, 15 November 2013

Hello! We've been shopping

Dear Bloggers,

Yesterday was my meetup with Patricia of the Red Cardinal blog. I had the chance to show her my two favourite Sydney fabric stores in person and talk fabric and art and sewing and everything. Through the magic of blogging something strange but wonderful happens. If you like someone through their blog somehow when you meet the words and the camaraderie and the sheer connection with them just flows.

We went to The Fabric Store first. She liked it hehe.. and then on to Tessuti

I don't know why I expected someone tall. She is a shorty pants like me!

In front of the two sided great cube of buttons at Tessuti, and near their red lounge that is good for collapsing on while making up one's mind on the delicious dilemma on what to purchase. We leafed through the Vogue and found that between us we have what seemed like 80% of their featured dress patterns...

I wasn't letting go of my fabric.

My booty. At the centre is the lovely Red Bird brooch that Patricia gave me. Did I mention that she is lovely in person? Underneath it is some DKNY knit from The Fabric Store for a dress for my Mum. To the right is a colorful knit remnant and to the left is a piece of pure silk and silk lining, extravagantly expensive by my standards, for a pre-Christmas engagement party dress, all from Tessuti.

We were at the door of Tessuti when it started to rain and the good gentlemen of Tessuti had just unloaded their van and they offered to give us a lift around the corner to Crown Street, where we had lunch in a trendy cafe.

Thanks for a nice day Patricia. I enjoyed being your partner in crime fabric purchasing.



  1. What fun! I love meeting sewing bloggers in person. And you're right about the connection. Communication begins in the blog and seamlessly flows to "real life".

  2. How nice - sounds like such a good time. Enjoyed the pics of you and Patricia.

  3. Looks like fun. I spent yesterday at Tessuti's yesterday - WOW,

  4. So glad you and Patricia had a wonderful day and you have some lovely fabrics.

  5. Fantastic haul. So glad Sydney fabric shopping met your needs too.

  6. Thank you, Valerie, I had a wonderful day! As you say, the connection already established, just continues to flow - and I think we both enjoyed our Grand Fabric Tour. My fabric haul is beautiful, and I will blog about it very soon. Happy Sewing :))) x

  7. Heard about your day on Patricia's blog and sounds like you both had a great time. Love what you bought.