Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Impromptu Sydney Meetup Friday 15th November

A Meetup in Sydney, no word of a lie.

It is always a real treat to meet up with sewing blog friends. I have done this while overseas on two occasions and always had a great time. Usually months of planning and many emails go into these things. It is ironic that I have not been to any sewing meet ups here.

Well impulse and opportunity has led to one of my own! I am meeting up with Patricia of Red Cardinal
who will be visiting Sydney from Brisbane on that weekend. It will be so good to meet her! Any sewists who will be in Sydney, or can come to Sydney on Friday, November 15th are invited to come too. We will meet at the Elizabeth Street entrance to Central Station (around the corner from the Fabric Store) at 10 am for a morning's fabric shopping and then lunch.

This is the Plan:

On Friday, 15th November
Meet at Central Station, Elizabeth St entrance at 10 am
Walk to The Fabric Store, 21 Cooper St Sydney, then walk to
Tessuti, 110 commonwealth St, Surry Hills, then on to
Oxford Square for lunch

If you are interested email me so we know to look out for you.

After all, fabric is

xx Val.


  1. Oh a work day and I don't think I play hookey, as I'm sure you ladies will have a most wonderful day!

    1. I know, and it's short notice but I put it out there on the off-chance!

  2. Love the plan, Val, and can't wait for our blog meeting; always wanted to do one of those! Thank you for writing it up on your blog - HB says it makes me famous... :)

  3. Just around the corner from my office, but like Sharon I don't play hookie either. Saturday and you have a deal.

  4. So jealous, and with Patricia too ! ... Wonder if I could take a day off and fly to Sydney for lunch ... btw, you got killer legs, lady !x

  5. Hey Silver Bunny if you're ever in Sydney..
    I am still trying to get to Peter's annual New York meetup..or any of the PR ones..maybe next year

  6. I will be there in spirit, but the body must remain on class! Enjoy the day, be good and don't spend too much ... J

    1. I'll have my list and stick to it, like in the supermarket ;))