Monday, 4 November 2013

Late for the train, but I finally got on .. V1247 Skirt

Dear Readers, You know the pattern. You've seen it before. Just about every person and their dog or cute photogenic cat has reviewed it in blog land, or the top that goes with it. It was a Pattern  of the Year over on Pattern Review. It is Vogue V1247 It has been sitting in my stash, in the queue, patiently waiting.

Last week, dear reader, I needed an art gallery/fabric shopping fix and went to my two fabric shops in Sydney, Tessuti and The Fabric Shop where I got my fabric fix. Two pieces of beautiful fabric. One of them was a remnant of silk/cotton in an ikat print just big enough for the skirt. The other is a piece of  abstract print linen. It felt so good to buy exquisite material!

Anyway, before cutting into the silk I needed to make a wearable muslin to make sure that a horizontal line around that part of my torso was a good idea. As most of us know, just because a pattern works for someone else..or a hundred someone else's does not mean it will work on our own bodies, Pattern of the Year on PR or not.

But it's a winner, almost to my consternation, the perfect A Line skirt.

Cute in seam pockets. Couture instructions. Silky, floaty top which I will try soon.
Needless to say I did not go couture on this piece of kid curtain material from Spotties..

I lengthened the skirt from 17". I have winter scarves wider than a respectable above knee but still ended up with only 1cm hem allowance.. added a centre front seam because I thought topstitching would add something to the skirt. Will backtrack on that one. I finished the seams with my serger and pressed them open. I wrestled with the pocket construction because I also had the bright idea of topstitching just the pocket part first. I won't do that again either. My zip was neither hidden nor couture.

What I will keep was the method of making a straight narrow self facing waistband instead of the strangulation waistband included for the wasp waisted.

What I did get was a skirt I liked, will make again in the silk.

It's a keeper, a good pattern for the summer season.

Happy Cup Day to my fellow Aussies.  Melbourne Cup Field for today's race



  1. It looks great Val - you'll be glad that you got on the 1247 train! I have one on the cutting table at the moment. Since I am not anything remotely approaching wasp waisted, I left off the waistband completely in my previous two versions of this skirt. I finished the waist with bias binding instead, stitched along the top then turned to the inside. It makes it very comfortable to wear and pleased my lazy tendencies in that I didn't need to draft a facing.

  2. I have this pattern and am late to the skirt party as well, although I have sewn the top. I think the skirt just went up the list as the lines and styling are lovely. It looks great on you! Thanks for the reminder :)

  3. I haven't made a skirt in ages - maybe this is the pattern to go it a go! I love it on you and the green print is fresh and cool. Just checked the pattern - the top looks good too. Must try. Where in Sydney are your two fabric shops? Next visit I must try to find them. Good fabric shops are more rare than hen's teeth in Brisbane.

  4. Thank you ladies. Thornberry that is the method I used. Quick and easy!
    Dilly do it, you won't be sorry.
    Patricia I have to run off to work now but I will post the addresses. I would also be happy to spend a a morning taking you and anyone else interested on a guided fabric walk as the two shops are within walking distance of Central Station and of each other and lots of nice places to have lunch. :))

    1. Oooo, that sounds fun, and I'd love to do it. Will get back to you, Valerie. :))

  5. This pattern has been lurking in my stash for a long time. Must pull it out as it is a nice variation from my go-to pencil skirts.

  6. It is a very versatile A-Line skirt and your test version looks very summery. Look forward to seeing the silk. I don't like waistbands and in both versions I have made I have used twill tape and lined them as well.

  7. Hi Val other Val(Amsterdam) I am up to no.4 love them all I use petersham for the waistband hope all is well

  8. Great looking skirt. I like to see you sewing for warm weather while it's more and more like winter in France.

  9. Cute on you! and you beat me to the train :-) I've made the top, the skirt...not yet!

  10. I like your version of this pattern. I really do need to get this pattern!

  11. Thank you Gail and Sharon and Coco.
    Valerie from Amsterdam I was thinking about you and your hospitality the other day. Glad to hear you like the pattern too.
    Marie-Noelle I heard about the terrible storms and bad weather Europe had recently.
    buerreblanc Yes you do!

  12. Love the skirt! I never knew of its Pattern of the year status and from looking at its web page I would never have even considered it! It almost would not cover my knicker, for goodness' sake! But your version is great and the fabric too. Very, very wearable musslin!

  13. Great stuff. It looks lovely and has inspired me to dig my 1247 pattern out again.

  14. It looks fantastic. I have made the top but not the skirt yet. It's in my queue. I really love those pockets.

  15. Your version is really nice -- very flattering and definitely worthy of many more iterations. I didn't know this one was Pattern of the Year on PR -- wow!

  16. Love how this skirt works in the longer length also. Great look!