Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 A sewing review.

Many bloggers are doing their wrap up of the year, the best, the worst, hits and misses. Here's mine.

I think I blogged too much about sewing stuff ups through the year, so I've only included one. I willingly admit that I have errors-of-judgement that turn into cloth. How can anyone not?
But I also wonder how much of the mistakes people want to read about.

Opinions please?

I can't believe I managed 53 posts this year, 54 if you count this one. There were stretches when I felt I was hardly sewing at all or at the very least my heart wasn't in it, the joy gone in the midst of family illness, drama and more illness, including my sister in law almost dying of a heart attack. She felt ill and her husband (my brother) called an ambulance. She had a second infarct while in the ambulance on the way to hospital. Due to modern technology they could relay her ECG trace via the intenet while in transit to the hospital and they had the angiography suite ready and she was wheeled straight in to the OR and stented which saved her life.

I count my blessings, truly.

Mid year I bought a new camera and started a photo blog. I have a small band of photo blogging friends that visit my blog, even though I am an amateur. The photo blogging world is more competitive, and harsher but with both blogs I just remind myself to be me and do what I do. There will always be people who know more, people who know less. It is the way of things.

Hit. My very favourite garment of 2013 was The Crazy Coat V1212
blogged here.  I honestly love it. I wore it until the weather warmed up. It's the type of garment that I will love until it falls to pieces.

Hit. My most dramatic dress was vogue 8876 the Marcy Tilton dress which I made up twice. It's a fitted then flared hippy-esque swing dress with an eccentricity to it. Blogged here

Miss.  Oh Yes, I had a few. This is probably the doozy. Note to self : do not combine batwing sleeves with stripes across the not combine batwing sleeves with..  erkkkkkk! I sort of saved it by cutting it shorter but still did not wear it much. Blogged about here 

Misses hardly ever seem to be about the pattern itself. I think 'bad' patterns are pretty rare. It's usually a case of unwise combinations of material-pattern-body, or 'this pattern looked so good on so-and-so!'

Hit. In the happy land of nice dresses, my most worn dress that never fails to make me feel good is this humble number, Simplicity 3505 dress, blogged here. I have this one in rayon and two in cotton.

Hit on the gaining of wisdom front. I made Pants from scratch, in fact my most visited post of the year was about pants fitting here.

Hit. I overcame my fear of silk and made a special dress  McCalls 6277 that I love and got good comments in real life, blogged  here This dress deserved a better photo..the next version will have one..

Discovered a new to me pattern company.  Or is that 'I gave in and tried them at last?" After all the pants wrangling I did I discovered Style Arc has a crotch curve eerily similar to mine and my daughter's. Maybe we have an Aussie bum? Blogged here

Enough about 2013. 2014 awaits! I'll sew the other beautiful materials that are still in my stash. I'll go quality over quantity and stay true to my style and my body shape put more time into thought and planning.  Maybe then my wardrobe will be less of a hodge podge and become more cohesive..

Thank you for reading and please have a happy, healthy,  adventurous and satisfying 2014.



  1. I love that crazy coat. Happy 2014!

  2. So proud you sister in law, is ok.. And sorry you had these bad things during 2013..Praying for a wonderful , blessed New year.
    Love your coat too. Has to be my favorite. Happy sewing.

  3. Lurve the coat too. And the Marcy Tilton Dress. And the silk dress. The "Aussie Bum" reference made me laugh.
    Have a great 2014.

  4. I can understand why you love your coat it is amazing and the silk dress, oh how divine. Wishing you a wonderful 2014.

  5. You have made many wonderful things in 2013, Val, but yes, the coat takes the prize! And I seriously envy your silk dress too. I hope 2014 is full of health, happiness and good times for you and yours. From you Qld friend, P. xx Happy new Year!!

  6. You made some beautiful hits! Looking forward to what you make in 2014.
    Happy New Year!

  7. Thanks ladies and Roz and Paola Welcome to my blog!

  8. Definitely far more hits than misses, I'm sure and that coat makes up for any failures. It's awesome!

  9. Definitely more hits than misses this year! Your coat is one of my faves too. It sounds like you had a year full of ups and downs. I used to work for a company that produced stents so it is great to hear that your sister-in-law is doing well post-procedure. Happy new year!

  10. I absolutely Love the coat! You sewed some pretty great things. Glad to hear your sisiter inlaw is well. Happy New Year!