Monday, 9 December 2013

Sim OOP 7148 or Lots of Sewing vs Very Little Blogging

Dear Sewists,

Tis the lead up to Christmas, in case you haven't noticed and as my title suggests there has been a frantic amount of industry at Valerie's Sewing Room, all for other people, Oh ok, my two favourite 'clients'. I wanted to clear a backlog of I-promised-I'd-do before I can got to my Fabulous Party Dress. Only ten days and time's running out but I can finally cut out my rayon muslin and prewash my silk. Stay tuned.

What's been keeping me busy?

Firstly, a stack of sewing for my daughter. Two pants patterns arrived from Style Arc, including the "Lola" pattern that was the November freebie. My daughter and I both went "Oo gotta try that!" It's like a tapered harem pant.
The other pattern was the Elle pant, (nicknamed Elle-e-pants) which has been made up into two pairs of slim black stretch woven work pants. More about my inaugural Style Arc adventures in the next post. I am taking it all over to my daughter's later today, having dinner, taking some photos. Thank goodness for daylight saving. Hopefully there will be enough light.

The other sewing has been for my mother. She asked me to make some dresses. I took over two materials and a selection of patterns. She looked at the DKNY knit that I bought on my fabric meetup with Patricia and politely said "Oh that's nice dear".  I have some gutsier brown knit she liked better that will be her next dress. I may have to keep the DKNY :) Win win!

My daughter had bought a length of shimmery multi coloured poly knit when we went shopping for her pant materials and said 'Show her that'. Well she was right.  It was met with gasps of "Oh that's Lovely! Make it up in my favourite pattern"!

My daughter was thrilled at being right on with her fabric choice. I knew exactly which pattern my mother meant. She had made many house dresses from it over the years. Does anyone make caftans/house dresses any more?

It's from OOP Simplicity 7148

I will take it to Mum on the weekend. She doesn't get around much and lives in a retirement facility but still loves to dress well. I cannot remember my mother ever stepping outside the house looking anything but immaculate and stylish. She'll love this and will have something new to wear on Christmas day.

More catch up blogging soon,


  1. Valerie, I have that pattern! But I haven't made it up yet. Maybe I should wait until I am in a retirement home? The dress looks lovely - a wonderful fabric.
    I've just made the Lola pants and I LOVE them. They're going to be my TNT summer pant pattern - just like the Elle is my TNT winter pant pattern! Looking forward to seeing yours.

    1. No don't wait until you are in a retirement home. 70's retro is in, didn't you know ;)) and yes Style arc pants are good. It took me this long to find out for myself..

  2. Looking forward to seeing your StyleArc pants. Love the dress. Fabric is gorgeous.

  3. Love your mom's new dress. You a very sweet daughter to make this for her. Know she will enjoy having a new dress to wear for Christmas. I really like that pattern..[70's patterns are great].
    Can't wait to see all your makes..
    Sounds like you are getting your list now its time for you.. Happy sewing.

  4. You Mum must be a stylish old girl! I'd wear her dress.

  5. All of your Mum's friends will be putting in orders. Good on you for whipping this beautiful dress up for her ... J

  6. Love your Mum's caftan...and that she likes a bit of shimmer. I'm sewing gifts now as well, getting impatient to get back to something I can blog. I just did my first Style Arc as well, still fooling around with it. Have fun with your daughter...

  7. Hi Val, that 70s pattern is an excellent one for your Mum. Raglan sleeves are so comfortable and fit so easily, and the dress looks gorgeous. Lucky Mum. I checked out the Lola pants, and am totally tempted to try the StyleArc patterns, given the distinct lack of success I am having with the pants of the big four pattern people. You really have been sewing up a storm - go Val!

  8. What a nice piece you made for your mother! And it was extremely nice that your daughter picked out the fabric and it was perfect. I'm glad you love Style Arc fit. I do, too!!

  9. You are the greatest daughter! Lovely kaftan!

  10. thats a lovely neckline on your mums dress. I remember having a dress pattern very similar to the cream pattern in the 70s but it was a Style pattern. Should have kept them all.

  11. Thanks ladies. Makes grappling with slippery material worth it.