Friday, 27 December 2013

V1224 as a quick beach dress

Dear Blog Readers,

Firstly, I heard about the floods and power blackouts in the UK and I am glad that everything is starting to get back to normal over there. It seems that half the world boils and the other half freezes.
I hope you all had a good Christmas regardless and can all blog again!

Yesterday I made an almost recklessly quick sewing up of V1224 Tracy Reece dress before going to the beach in the afternoon with friends. I did these shots in a mad hurry too. I had grand plans of doing some glamorous beach shots but it just didn't happen. I feel bashful setting up my gear in public, but I hope these give you the idea.

I knew this was a good pattern, a zillion people on the internet had said so, and it is. The genius is in the cut of the bodice with batwing sleeves that hang just right, the comfort factor  of the dress after too much Christmas eating and the ease of construction. I have never made a dress in three and a half hours  from measuring in the flat to wearing it but I did with this one. Most of it was done with the serger.

It is from the same yardage as my daughter's Lola pants here
For some shots of where we went for our beach day see here

Have a happy weekend folks.


  1. Gorgeous dress, Val. Is that pretty fabric from Tessuti? Now I wonder if that pattern would work for me.... I am impressed with your speed of construction - Wow!!

  2. Very pretty Val and a great Aussie summer dress :)

  3. Val, the dress works beautifully - it's great to have a dress you can just quickly sew up :)

  4. Great dress! I'm sure it was perfect for the beach! And hearing that it's such a quick dress makes it sound very tempting...

  5. Loving everything about your version of the wonderful 1224 especially the Fabric!! Beautiful. This truly is a pattern that works for everyone. Great Job!!

  6. Thanks everybody. Patricia, no it isn't the paisley piece from Tessuti. I thoroughly botched that one by trying to make it a mock wrap dress which made the pattern go skewed. It ended up being a skirt..In the Xmas rush I had no time to blog about it.
    This crazy print was bought by my daughter who gave the remainder from the Lola pant project to me.

  7. I love a quick project. I am jealous of your beach day, grey and drizzle here in Seattle.

  8. It's awesome! I think I need that pattern.

  9. Cute dress. I'll have to take a look at that pattern, love batwing sleeves. Your little beach is so pretty, what a nice day...

  10. Jennifer N, thank you.
    liza jane and Coco, I think you could both rock this pattern
    Happy New Year one and all!