Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Generous Girl

Would love this give away because the dresses go to size 18 or higher!

But let me explain. New Year, New Beginnings right? Actually this is a continuation of my determination to de-stash that was quite successful last year. I went through a tub of fabric. Literally.

Now I want to do the same with patterns. De-stash that is. Not buying patterns at all is um..not on the agenda because I have discovered Style arc but I will try to restrain myself.

I have been going through the patterns I own and picking out ones that are unused, uncut and waiting for new homes. Most of them are styles that I have in several variations..does anyone else do that?..and I know I will not get around to making them. So, inspired by a relatively new blogger Jennifer N, who was in turn inspired by an established blogger Carolyn, I have decided to do monthly giveaways.

I'll post the giveaway anywhere.  This month I am doing three dresses. All three will go to one winner.

The HP103, above, has sizes 8 to 26 all in the envelope and is for soft or crisp wovens. I think it's OOP.

Burda 8227 has sizes 10 to 24, is for lightweight cottons, crepe, rayon.

Burda 8510 has sizes 8 to 18 and is for knits. Remember when mesh over mesh was all the rage? However it would work in one layer of knit fabric too. Has aVa va voom neckline.

If you want to be in the draw say so in a comment. But....

If you win I want you to make up one of the dresses in the next three months, post about it and mention  my blog.   *Edit:  Due to a massive lack of enthusiasm over having a time restraint I'm going to say if you want it, comment, no strings!



  1. What a wonderful idea ;) Please don't enter me as I have far too many patterns - and possibly should do the same…. but congratulations in advance to the lucky winner, I look forward to seeing what they make.

  2. Great patterns, but although I really like the burda, I am not sure I can commit to sewing it up within 3 months. Hope you get lots of takers.

  3. Great idea Valerie - I have too many patterns as it is so not in the draw - just wanted to say very generous of you.

  4. Decluttering is such a good idea Val, and you have a very generous give-away here. Sadly the necklines are all too low for moi, so I'll have to pass. Until I started reading sewing blogs I never had a stash of dressmaking fabrics, nor of unused patterns! I would buy one of each, and make it up, then another. Of course my stash of quilting and crafting fabric is quite another story....

  5. I really like the look of the 'hotpatterns' one. It's the perfect time of year for sewing a pretty summer dress.

  6. Would love, love the patterns.. I would be glad to sew up one of them and post..
    So sweet of you to do this give away..thank you.

  7. Great idea, Valerie! Don´t count me in, though! Too many patterns already!! But thank you for being so generous!

  8. Please count me in!! What a fabulous idea! I really like them all! although hot patterns and B8510 (A) are really screaming 'make me'!!

  9. Good to see a few new commenters. Welcome! The draw will be held Saturday morning, Sydney time.

  10. I could definetly see myself in the 1st stle so that's what I would make up lol I need a challenge please