Friday, 10 January 2014

Elle Pants and knock off top


I finally got my DD to model the Style arc Elle pants that I made for her last year. She got two at once and they are on high rotation as a major part of her work wear. She loves them.

They are stretch woven and slim fitting almost like leggings. They are pull on with a wide elastic waist that sits a bit higher at the back. I made them from stretch suiting very similar to stretch bengaline swatch sent with the pattern and made them exactly as the instructions say.  Style arc Elle Pant

I think they are a bit long, but DD likes them scrunched at the ankle..

They are forget-you-are-wearing-them pants. 

The top is part of a limited collection designed by Peter Morrisey for one of the chain stores, K Mart if I remember correctly. My daughter asked me to clone it and make it up from a butterfly printed rayon from Lincraft that she likes.

The original blue and white top is in a mystery crepe material, not silk but not a total horror. I made a pattern of the top without too much trouble but sewing it up in this awful cheap *expletive deleted* rayon was something else.

In fact I finished the sleeves off with some stretch lace and did a rolled hem on the overlocker because I could not fight with the material any longer. Luckily my daughter likes the top and still wants another one from the same material, cloned from another top she has.

For once - Oh My - I refused. Then she said 'What material would be good then?' I said 'silk crepe' and in fact darling I have a bit leftover from a recent dress ..

'The engagement party dress? Oooo Is there enough? There is, I said, and that's how it will be another top for DD. Win win.

I would rather give her leftover silk than face that monstrous synthetic again. Perhaps we are both spoilt. Me by knowing how lovely it is to sew with silk crepe, and DD by knowing how lovely it is to get made to order garments.

I told her I had post polyester trauma syndrome and the next garment is for me. Then I get out the silk..

Happy sewing,


  1. Your daughter is a lovely model and the trousers and top are lovely. And not only will she get the benefit of another lovely top but the benefit of a wonderful breathable fabric

  2. The pants look so well fitted. Nice and slim but look more dressy than leggings. I can see why your daughter fell for the butterflies even if it was a pill to sew. Your plan to sew her silk might backfire though with lots of future requests !

  3. Heh, "post polyester trauma syndrome"- I totally relate. My daughter seems to always pick polyesters, based on colour and print, for the stuff I make her. Fibre content means nothing to her, sadly. Hopefully your daughter will cotton on, as it were, to natural fibres with the silk crepe top you make her.

  4. Lovely combinations. The trousers are spot on in style. And I LOVE the first top (but hey, I've a preference for black/white fabrics)

  5. Love that 'post polyester trauma syndrome' - very droll, Val :) The pants are beautifully made, and no wonder your daughter likes you to sew for her. The butterfly top looks cute, but the silk one will be a triumph!

  6. Gorgeous pieces for daughter and those tops are lovely!

  7. The pants are fabulous -- I also love a scrunchy ankle! Post-polyester trauma syndrome -- love it! Yay for silk!

  8. Love the description forget-you-are-wearing-them pants! That's the kind of pants I like. Good Job!

  9. Hi Valerie,
    I think I need a psi rod those pants - they look so comfortable.
    Do you sell them?

    love from another double d,