Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Op Shopping

Dear Sewists,

If you live somewhere other than Australia, an 'Op Shop' is a Thrift Shop or a second hand shop run for charity. I look through them for second hand books and I can't resist rummaging through the patterns if there are any. In a recent windfall I found these.

Isn't this wonderful? There's no copyright date anywhere on this pattern that I can find but it must be 80's don't you think? I love the illustration  and the fact that the top half of the girls' heads appear to be missing.

No one is wearing big coats, right? Wrong. Look at this from Stella McCartney Fall 2013. Images from style.com.

Then I found this beauty.

The copyright date is 1977.  I love the illustration, very Stephanie Powers from Hart to Hart Image from google images.

I was nosing around Style.com and came across this. It's probably separates but it gives the same impression as a jumpsuit. By Stella Mc from her Spring 2014 RTW.

 This shirtdress pattern I found is from what was a week-by-week how-to-sew magazine series with patterns.

I like the relaxed collar but I've never been a fan of the poke-you-at-the-cinema-from-the-next-seat granny sleeves. No one is, right? Wrong - once again from Stella McCartney (see previous link) complete with the big sleeves but updated with the snaky print.

But hey, it's not just Stella revisiting and revamping the 80's..

Get a load of this pink offering from Rochas in Pre-Fall Trends Scroll through them all. It's illuminating!

I hope you liked this report. It all started with a baggy pattern bought for a laugh but now I am thinking of actually using it! I've got an old pink check blanket somewhere..

Happy sewing,


  1. That first pattern is a hoot. I reckon it would be from the mid-80s. I had a jacket from those years with monstrously large shoulder pads. How in heck did we fit through doors?

  2. That coat is definitely 80's - there is no other style like it - thank God! Some nice finds there.

  3. I love trawling op shops for patterns, notions and fabric. You just never know what you will find. How much fabric does the first jacket take it looks humongous. looking forward to seeing it made up

  4. All Hail the 80s, Val! I for one love a generous sleeve and I'd wear that last pink coat in a flash. Love your big coat pattern - if you don't use it, can I buy it??? Also like a granny sleeve, and don't they look chic a la Steel Mc! It is all in the fabric and the style of the wearer.. I recently bought a vintage Vogue pattern, 2136, for a Ralph Lauren shirt. Looking forward to styling it up!

    1. He he..We'll negotiate about the coat..if you want the granny-sleeve dress it's yours!

  5. What fun! Am a big fan of baggy. Maybe i'll get those trousers done and put Mc in front of my name!