Friday, 17 January 2014

The January Winner is..

Someone is going to do the happy dance! The January pattern give away has been drawn!

Happy Dance
Artwork is one of many adorning the corridors of Westmead Children's Hospital

It is Saturday here. It was a hot moonlit night and I woke before dawn, made myself a cup of tea and started blogging. I googled how to do the random number generator thingy and used this website RANDOM.ORG to do the deed. It was much simpler than I thought. I had made a list of who matched what number, typed in 1 and 5 and the generator picked the number for me.

The winner is number 4, Nikki of adventures of a beginner sewer

So Nikki, email me and the patterns will be posted on Monday.



  1. love that painting of a Happy Dance! Congrats to Nikki, and looking forward to seeing what she makes.

  2. Congrats to Nikki... Know you will be doing the happy dance.ha

  3. Oh Wow wow wow!! This has just MADE my day!! I was feeling so flat til I saw this. I am so excited!!!

  4. What a beautiful picture, I love it ! Here in France, we keep hearing how hot it is in Australia; mainly because we think that it is the reason why the French tennis players keep losing their matches at the Melbourne tournament....Have you seen that picture of a man frying an egg or too on a bench there ? xxx