Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Get in Vogue! February give away.

Hello Peoples,

My de stashing continues. Interestingly, a few weeks ago I happened upon several 'why shouldn't I have a stash I need it to be creative' posts in blog land. Hey girls, that's fine! To paraphrase Ecclesiastes There is a Time to Stash and a Time to refrain from Stashing.

I feel better paring down. This is totally not a criticism of those who are in a position to acquire a mother load of beautiful stuff. Especially if it comforts you rather than distresses. I just need less stuff around me right now and less stuff to move for when the day comes that I have to move my stuff. Regular readers will know that moving/selling is my ultimate goal. Bigger than thoughts of stash.

Anyway, this month's goodies are Vintage Vogue, daughter's unwanted Vogue and my 'I liked it ten years ago but don't have use for it now' Vogue.

Firstly vintage Edith Head or is that "Oh my head?" in size 12 only. It is complete but the pattern pieces for the dress have been cut out. They are unaltered.

The second is an evening dress in the fifties wiggle or baby doll style. 14-16-18. Uncut, unfolded.

The envelope itself is blurry from age!

The third was bought for my daughter in one of those three for one sales they used to hold here, but was met with 'meh' reaction. Designed for knits. 8-10-12-14. Uncut, unfolded.

So guys if you want this triple package, jump in, leave a comment. 

Draw ends Saturday  8th February. I'll announce it Sunday evening, Sydney time.

Good luck!



  1. Hi Valerie,
    I would love to take these patterns off your hands.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  2. Oh...love Edith Head. Please add me even though I am stash busting.

  3. JckieNj you are welcome.
    Jennifer N You mean I am enabling ;) Patterns don't take up much room!
    Good luck ladies!

  4. Lovely patterns! I'd be happy to help you de stash too!

  5. That Edith Head maxi dress would look amazing on me! :-D HAHAHA! I'd be glad to take it off your hands!

  6. Are you sure you don´t want those pretty patterns!!! I love the first one, so lovely!
    You are very kind de-stashing yourself like this :D

    1. Yes I am totally 100% sure. The Edith Head one was bought at a second hand shop for a few cents. It deserves to come out of the closet and be made and worn!

  7. I'm supposedly decluttering, but these are too nice to resist! Please count me in..

  8. I am decluttering (and I'm too busty for them), so don't count me in, but I love those patterns. Good luck ladies. Very generous Valerie.

  9. OMG!!!! My mum sewed the 1st pattern it was a black dress, short, no bolero!!