Sunday, 2 February 2014

Little Swing Top

Dear Sewists,

January for me was not the sewing production line that the holidays were. Life got busy and I had to make a few hard decisions. I decided not to go back to the UK to work this year. That was hard, but my time will come. I decided to do up my unit properly with the aim of selling it early next year.  Has anyone ever renovated even in a small way? It is more mentally exhausting than I thought, not to mentioned a money pit. I increased my work hours to pay for it all. In the middle of all that I saw the ideal shack-with-a-view down the coast for a very reasonable price. Oh why now? I wished had come on the market when I was ready instead of when I was not. I spent a lot of energy deciding to buy when the agent emailed me with the information that it had been sold. Next year will be better timing..sell up, buy, rent out, go over seas. You can see why sewing went to the back burner.

Also my Janome has just about died, worn out from 15 years of  heavy use. What is 15 in Sewing Machine Years? 110? A servicing revived it but only just, so seeing I am not buying plane tickets or a house in the near future my mind drifts to lovely new sewing machines. Just looking. Stay tuned hehe

My mother bless her, heard my Janome is on the fritz gave me her heavy metal workhorse Singer that she bought in the late sixties. I learnt to sew on that machine. It still stitches better than my now worn out Janome does. My daughter will inherit the Singer, because she loves it too. But at the moment, going from machine to machine I managed to make this top out of pure silk crepe leftovers. The pattern is knock off from one of her tops, a very simple thing that hangs just so.

It folds into an eeny weeny square like this.

I sent her an iPhone photo of the top when finished and she rang back making 'oo oo ah ah' noises. When I turn my daughter into a Chimpanzee I know I've done something good.

Stay tuned. I am sorting out vintage patterns for my February give away!



  1. Renovating is exhausting! I own a small condo from before I was married that has been rented out to the same tenants for the past four years. They just moved out and we have a TON of work to do before we can rent it again or sell it. I'm worn out before we've even begun! Good luck with all your decisions- you know, like which new sewing machine to buy ;)

  2. Bless your heart.. Renovating and the selling process is so hard, time consumming and expensive.. Best wishes.
    Love your new blouse.. I too--ooohed and awwwed.ha

  3. Dear Val, you have indeed been busy - so many decisions all at once. Love that new top you managed to sew despite all the distractions. Renovating is the pits - when we did the bathroom 3 years ago it drove me to distraction. Good luck with it all. Those old iron-frame Singer machines were gold - never sell it! I am on my third Janome; they are good but they do wear out, don't they? I hope you find something good to replace yours, and let us know what you choose. xxx

  4. somehow my comment went lost in cyberspace... That's a lot of (hard) decisions. And a sewing machine breaking down at the same time, extra stressful. Glad you had your mother's machine to the rescue. Lovely fabric, lovely top.

  5. Renovations are such a pain (and can get costly). I hope it all goes well for you. I've been thinking about going home to have a closer look at the Singer my grandmother left for me -- it is one of those old heavy black ones in its own cabinet. She always told me not to touch it because I would sew my fingers, so I've actually never used it! I'm looking forward to hearing about your new machine.

  6. Thanks ladies. Re sewing machines in my next post I will reveal all!

  7. Funny you should say, Chimpanzee, because that is what it's called!
    The thing you do when you get a photo on an i phone, then stand around it going, ooh ooh. It's called 'Chimping And it's totally right!

  8. The top turned out really pretty. I know how you feel renovating is exhausting and expensive, We are finally back in our basement and I have been cleaning the construction dust. I hope to move my machine back in tomorrow. Hang in there.