Wednesday, 26 February 2014

V8095 Swimsuit and my Walking Foot

I've had some 'Tiger Lily' Australian designer brand lycra bought from The Fabric Store Sydney in my stash for about three years and seeing I am on a catch up sewing rampage last weekend I managed to make a swimsuit from V8095, now out of print. Thankfully it has been warm enough to get to the beach and take some shots. My swimsuits get almost year round use either at the beach or the pool and my previous version of this swimsuit has almost worn out. It was also good to use the beach bag blogged about in the previous post.

The material is beautiful quality, four way stretch but gutsier and firmer than anything I had bought before.  I altered the pattern a bit to update the bra section and extended the body length a bit to compensate for the firmness of the material and then fully lined it front and back with red lycra of a similar weight. This gives a slight girdle effect which I do not mind at all!

I altered the leg line to my natural leg line, going by my experience with the first version and also by looking at some favourite bikini style knickers that sit well on me. I lowered and brought the front leg line in and extended the bum curve out at the back.  I have never sewn underwear, this is as close as I get but half to one centimetre in the right place makes all the difference. 

V8095 now out of print

With the bra section I eliminated the neck pleat on the original, extended the sides and raised the mid front so I ended up with a 2 cm vertical seam instead of coming to a point at the centre fronts. To give a bit more support bra cups were sewn into the lining. My altered pattern piece is on the left.

Making the swimsuit out of two layers of very slippery material also gave me an opportunity to try out my new walking foot. I got it when I bought my new Bernina. It looked daunting in it's box of bits and pieces but it's not so complicated really. 

There are three sole plates - regular, quilting and an edging foot. All screw onto the basic mechanism which has feed dogs that guide  the material from the top in tandem with the normal feed dogs that work from the bottom.

Slippery material suddenly behaves!

Here's the edging/stitch in the ditch foot. I had to move the needle position to the left.

There are of course things you can't do with the walking feet - like zig zag - or stretch as you sew - or apply elastic but there's good old regular feet for that - but it does what it does very well. The other bits in the box are attachments for seam guides for quilting.

I used the walking foot with the regular foot attachment to machine baste my pieces together before I assembled it. The rest of the project was done with my normal sewing machine foot on the sewing machine. The seams were finished off with the serger.

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  1. Lovely looking swimsuit and interesting to see the walking foot with all the attachments, very impressive.

  2. Awesome! That is a very pretty swim suit fabric. I love the colors. The stuff I see around here is usually pretty cheesy looking.

  3. Great swimsuit - very nice and lovely fabric. I am in love with my walking foot and it didn't come with any extra's like yours did!

  4. Woo hoo, Val, looking fabulous there! I continue to be amazed at your talents as a sewist...the swimsuit is terrific, and you are so clever at the necessary alterations. I like my walking foot, and use it almost all the time - it works well.

  5. That's a great pattern and a great swimsuit. Pity the pattern is now out of print. I received a walking foot for the Bernina for my last birthday . It is one of the best presents I've ever received. I use it more than I ever thought I would.

  6. It looks terrific. I have that pattern! I am now inspired to sew it up - your centre seam addition at the bust makes it sound much more wearable all of a sudden.

  7. What a fantastic swimsuit - the fabric and the pattern- this would have cost heaps to buy RTW so the walking foot will have paid for itself already. My machine has a built in walking foot which is so useful.

  8. Very lovely swimsuit Valerie. Custom fit + designer fabric is the perfect combo

  9. Beautiful! What gorgeous fabric. I love love my walking foot, it is great on thin wovens as well, keeps the top layer from becoming longer than the bottom layer.

  10. Thank you so much girls. I have a feeling I will be using the walking foot on all sorts of things!

  11. Tigerlily have the best fabrics don't they. Great swimsuit and I'm looking forward to meeting you at the Meet Up tomorrow.

    1. Gail it must be another Val but thanks for your comment!

  12. Wow!! I haven't made a swimsuit in years.....I may make one this summer. You look great!

  13. That is a very stylish swimsuit! I love the halter neck, and it is a real pity it is out of print.
    I´ve heard so many good things about the walking press foot that I feel I have to get one for myself! Oh, this blogging thing creates a lot of needs! :)

  14. What a great looking swimsuit. Shame that is out of print as it's a pretty beach wear set. I love the red on you.