Saturday, 1 March 2014

Classic Vogue - March give away

Hello peeps, it's March already and I have sorted through the 'no I will never get to that' and 'some one might like it' patterns (trust me there's a few!) and pulled out two Vogue beauties.

First are the pants, Vogue basic design for pants in any length you can imagine. This pattern may still be in print, or it was until recently. 12-14-16 uncut unfolded etcetera. Straight leg, side pockets and what appears to be natural waist.

Vogue 2532

The next pattern is a OOP Vogue woman suit with a high collared semi fitted zippered jacket with two piece sleeves with zip openings. Also included are a darted skirt with back zip or darted pants with back zip. No waistbands, just facings. All in all very simple, elegant lines.
In size 14-16-18 uncut, unfolded.

Vogue 7682

Why give these away? Alas the Vogue crotch curve does not suit me, neither does the jacket neckline, much as I like it.

If you see the potential in these patterns and want to be in the draw for the give away, let me know in the comments by Sat 8 March. The giveaway includes both patterns.

Happy sewing, blogging and reading,



  1. Hi Val, I really like the look of those two patterns, and would love to be in the draw! Happy sewing from Patricia x

    1. Well the odds are in your favour so far! I can see you in the jacket :)

  2. I have a sweing machine and do not know how to use it :-(

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

    1. Then it may be time to get yourself some lessons! Aren't you tempted by the idea of making your own home furnishings?

  3. Hi Valerie, thanks for this giveaway! I will graduate from the college in May (Office Technologies) and they would be a good addition to my job interviews and office wardrobe.

  4. I agree - these are definitely classics.
    I hope you don't mind, but I've nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog, if you are interested in taking part. The link to my blog is