Sunday, 20 April 2014

Butterick Mock Wrap Dress B5873

Firstly Happy Easter to all,

In the midst of all the things that Easter entails, I have been sewing. Just before Easter I made Butterick B5873, a 'See and Sew' mock wrap with a little collar and belt. The collar is not my style so I left it off and straightened the neck edges where they extend to accommodate the collar at the front. This ended up lowering the neck at the front a little and made the neck floppy so I compromised by finishing off the entire neck edge with a self strip 4cm wide folded over lengthwise and serged on to make a casing for elastic. I put 1 cm wide elastic through just to hold it firm. Figure out how long to make the casing and also the elastic by measuring the finished neckline length from the pattern pieces. Then allow an extra inch to poke out when you start off the seam. It ends up hardly gathered at all but it makes the neckline sit exactly how I want. The ends are trimmed, the elastic stay stitched then the side seams sewn up as instructed.

The material is a slinky viscose from Pitt Trading  at Ramsgate. The shop is on the other side of the city from me so I don't get there often and I tend to forget what a beautiful selection of fabrics they have. It is an independent store in the old style featuring quality over quantity and genuine service. I couldn't help noticing that they have fabrics in a fair few of this season's colours. Pantone Site

I looked at fuschia velvet  hmmm but I was there to buy black viscose to make more Style Arc Elle pants for my DD, which I did. They've have already been made and gratefully recieved. Did I manage to get photos of her in them? No...

Anyway, I reasoned that hot pink velvet even made up as the jacket I envisaged would just sit in my wardrobe so I bought this multi colour jungly print for myself. It was near the door and leapt into my hands. Wearing a lot of colours at once is more 'me' than selecting just one.

 skinny pre Easter festivities shot ...
not so svelte today ;)

The pattern is fairly easy but working with the slippery viscose itself was hard. Thank goodness for my serger, and for the walking foot. 

I like this pattern for the raglan sleeves, the ease of construction, the gathers on the inside ends of the sleeves. The dress is not going to flop open when one sits down. I dare say it would make up better in a less slippery material like the matte jersey or cotton knits recommended. One of these days I will take heed of the back of the pattern envelope when choosing material day.

p.s Yes I went mad and cut off all my hair. Should have done it in summer. 

Stay well,



  1. I really like Pitt Trading too - it has a small but interesting range, and I like the prices there too. The colours in your dress really suit you too.

  2. The colourful dress suits you - as does your lovely new hairstyle :)

  3. This looks wonderful on you, and I love your hair! Very flattering all around :)

  4. Great combination of fabric and pattern. And your hair is awesome!

  5. Great dress and I love your new hair style !!!

  6. Funny I saw this pattern used somewhere else recently and I cant think where. No looks fantastic and I think your hair is spot on!

  7. Your dress looks great on you, and I love your haircut - very elegant. I've never been to Pitt trading but it definitely sounds worth a visit :)

  8. Looking fantastic in this dress and the new haircut.

  9. The new 'do looks great! As does the new dress :) I'm still in shock that the Pantone colours are so subdued this time around... they've been jewel tones for so many seasons now I thought it wouldn't change. I hope you had a wonderful Easter break :)