Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Vogue 8754 and Vogue vintage hybrid Car Coat

I hardly ever enter competitions.

Because, dear Reader - Hello by the way - I am useless at it. I have figured out that deadline driven pursuits tend to take the fun out of sewing for me as I rarely finish in time and that is because I rarely start on time! I enjoy thinking about what I'm going to make and waiting for inspiration to strike, usually later than it strikes everyone else! Having said that, a few days ago I felt inspired by a contest at Pattern Review called Bargainista Fashionista. The idea is to knock off a RTW item and make it up then figure out how much money you've saved.

I decided to knock off a RTW jacket but when it took me two days to make a frankenpattern from two muslins and another day to perfect the fit and start cutting out, I realized I had no chance to make a tailored garment within the time frame (tomorrow!) so ..I'll take my time!

Do go over to PR and vote, there are some wonderful entries, silk skirts, evening dresses, biker jackets made for a fraction of the comparative RTW price and who doesn't like saving on RTW prices?

This is the garment I am knocking off the inspiration piece.

It is from the Australian label Country Road. I tried it on and loved it but none of the sizes fitted me properly. I liked the slightly oversized look, sort of boyfriend-jackety.  Just imagine the model 25cm shorter...

I had some black and white flecked wool in the stash, and a pattern with a low lapel.
I ended up combining these two patterns.

Originally I was just going to go with Vogue 9140, on the right, trimmed down but when I made up a muslin..oh my. I gave up on trying to modify the cocoon shape. Look at that shoulder!

The back's even worse.

Lunatic asylum chic. What I did love though is the collar and how it sits through the neck and shoulder. I could use that. I rifled through my pattern stash for a simple body to meld it to and remembered V8754, which I reviewed on PR here

I spent quite a while combining the shell of V8754 and widened the shoulders a bit to keep the idea of the original, and modifying the sleeves and the front.

The muslin from my new pattern looks like this.

Ouch, pins!

Photographed in the stages of pinning, unpicking, more pinning. When I was happy with my modified and re-modified pattern I could start cutting.

Edit:  The muslins are from old curtain lining (cream) or recycled unloved stash material (cheap scratchy chambray). The coat material, lining and much of the interlining is from the stash. I did buy interfacing for the collar, back facing and front facing. I am still stash busting, trying not to buy more than I can sew.  My aim is ONE tub of fabric in the 'to do' queue and to only buy good quality material.

I will have to stabilize everything. The fabric, while being soft and lovely, is a shape shifter if left to it's own devices.

BTW I am going to put wide slanted welt pockets in the fronts and make a black lining.

In the middle of all this mental pattern wrangling I got distracted and downloaded the Grainline Archer shirt pattern that has been a hit for a few years. I told you I take inspiration long after everyone else but ..oh well, it's not as if I don't have clothes!

Further edit:  I should have used recycled paper that I actually have but forgot about. It's softer and grey, easier to fold and store than the hard bright shiny stuff. Next time!

Happy Sewing,


  1. Wow, I give you 100% for that Frankenpattern, Val. It should work out very well in the end. I love the sketches of the coat on the right, but on me the same thing would have happened. Reality does sometimes translate into Lunatic Asylum Chic! Especially for the vertically challenged...

  2. It is looking pretty good so far. You have done a great job of the pattern changes.

  3. You did a wonderful job merging those two patterns and are inspiring me to give it a try later this year. I so agree about deadlines so I seldom enter but I do love seeing what others make of the challenge.

  4. You have done an amazing job with those patterns and can't wait see your coat made up!

  5. And that's pretty much why we sew, isn't it! The proportions of the muslin you show here look lovely :) I'm much like you with competitions (and sew-alongs) - I join up then feel some rebellious need to sew something else instead! The slanted welt pockets will look great with this :)

  6. Thanks ladies. The coat-or is it a jacket? - is starting to take shape.

  7. That is looking great. Glad you decided to change the pattern. Can't wait to see the end result.

  8. What fun! I know your coat will be pretty - all your coats are. And the fabric is so nice. Love your hair, btw - looks good on you!

  9. Big slouchy coats are so on trend this winter. Looking good so far.