Saturday, 10 May 2014

Vogue 8754 and vintage Vogue 9140 hybrid car coat reveal!

That must be the longest post title ever. I could also have added Country Road Car Coat Knock Off, but if you go to the previous post you can read the whole story. If you have been following (thank you for reading!) here it is.

The graffiti backdrop is a clubhouse at a nearby sports field. the whole building is painted this way and it looks so amazing I suspect it was commissioned.

Re the coat. It was an interesting exercise. My chambray muslin was a tiny bit snug around the hips so I went larger. Too large. I then had to take the jacket in and maybe I could have gone back to the original dimensions.There is a fine line between oversized and just plain too big and I found it hard to get just right (and didn't) but it's a fun garment which I'll definitely wear.

I realized while making this meld of patterns that I need a reference book on tailoring. While surfing the net and I found several references to a book called The complete book of Tailoring by Adele P Margolis, last published 1978. This book is apparently something of a classic. I bought it on ebay and I am looking forward to using it.

I like my slouchy 80's man-jacket but what do I wear with it to complete the 80's vibe?
Any thoughts?



  1. Great coat. I think it looks classic with the jeans.

  2. Your coat has turned out really well and I agree with BeaJay it looks classic with your jeans.

  3. Great coat! I had one in the 80's, wore it with leggings and flats and an oversize white shirt worn out. And with a fabric flower on the lapel!

    You got me started on wanting to revisit the look, found the Gerard coat pattern this week and plan to make one for me and Ashley in the fall!

  4. It looks great - you've done a wonderful merge of patterns. I dimly recall pleated carrot pants going with this shape of jacket in the 80s.. but I'm not convinced it's a flattering look for most of us :(. I think the idea of leggings - or ponti pants - with the jacket is definitely a goer though!

  5. Thank you all. Gabrielle, I don't have the height for carrot pants and the little flat round hats that were popular then make me look daft. Coco, skinny ponte pants and a white shirt do sound like the way to go! BeeJay and Sharon, my DD says yes to jeans as long as they are super skinny..

  6. I don't know which is cooler, your coat (a triumph) or the graffiti wall!

  7. Awesome, totally rad coat, totally! And I love the photoshoot in front of the graffiti wall! I love it with jeans -- definitely skinny.

  8. great look on you. Special location too.