Friday, 6 June 2014

V8597 or When in Doubt go back to Black

As mentioned in my previous make of View A, aka the droopy funnel here, I pulled out some black knit I had in the stash and made up View C. This view still has raglan sleeves but a more conventional separate piece for the cowl, basically a big tube.  My piece of fabric wasn't quite big enough for the full size cowl, but it still ended up big enough. I solved the problem of not having enough material for full length sleeves by adding cuffs. All in all I like this view of the pattern.

I've got my hand on my hip where the top ends..I apologize for the poor visibility of the top in the photo and the black on black but the neck area worked out much better than the funnel shaped cowl of my previous attempt. I  will use this pattern again, I am thinking maybe in sweatshirt material.

The top was made on my overlocker, hemmed with the coverstitcher. The only alteration apart from narrowing the depth of the cowl was to widen the waist. This pattern has a slim waist while I do not.

The front for view C has darts. I cut it as drafted but when it came to sewing up I eased the un sewn dart bust area while holding the back piece taught. Have the piece you are easing facing the feed dogs on the machine while serging. This helps when stretching one piece of fabric onto another..

Happy sewing. I have more sewing projects jangling around in my head than time to sew them ..


  1. Love this! Great basic for your wardrobe.

    1. Thanks Roz, there are basics I make over and over and I seem to make a black top each winter!

  2. From what I can detect in the black, it's a much better draft for you. Nice work

  3. Looks good! I'm with you, so many things I want to sew. Doesn't help that I gave in and bought more fabric recently during the sales :-)

  4. Hard to see but you seem a lot happier with this version, so a great top for winter!