Tuesday, 15 July 2014

July give away, Claude Montana retro pattern

Hello People,

I have been sewing but not blogging much, giving sewing lessons to my daughter who all of a sudden wants to sew for herself. I enjoy watching her pick up things fast..She reckons she absorbed a lot of information by osmosis, watching me sew all these years. For whatever reasons, it gives me joy to teach her. She enjoys the fact that she has 'access to my brain' as well as to my patterns, my remnants but not as yet my stash..

I am also working on Vogue 8806 but making it up as a swim coverup with mixed results. That story in my next post.

Today I want to fling open my July give away.

The pattern is one of my charity shop finds that I bought because I could not resist a closer look. It is one size only, 14. It's complete but some of the pieces have been cut out ever so carefully (that's what we were taught to do in sewing classes in those days) and it looks like the top has been made.

The skirt is more interesting than it looks at first glance with the front panel wrapping over toward the back to make a longer pocket and a back princess seam. I love the pattern but know it would not suit me so if you want it let me know in the comments by Wednesday 23rd July.

Long before Hanna Montana, there was Claude Montana who designed this pattern for the Vogue Individualist series. It is dated 1986.

Isn't it a pity that more big name designers don't want to be identified with sewing patterns anymore.
I hope this will change. It reminds me of a story about my mother who sewed but loved to embroider even more. She made a lovely lilac shift and hand embroidered a lily on it. It was beautiful. When she wore the dress shopping a friend wanted to know where she bought it. My mother told her she had made the dress and the woman did not believe her. My mother coolly replied that someone somewhere had made what the woman was wearing so why was it so unbelievable?

Go Mum. I have to dig out some old photos of Mum in her outfits. My brother has them and it is hard to get them out of his hands even to go scan them. I might have to bribe him with cookies..

Keep on Sewing,


  1. Ooooh, Val, I love the style of that Vogue - count me in :))
    Bribe your brother; we would love to see photos of your Mum in her outfits, especially the embroidered lily. It sounds beautiful.

  2. Great to hear that your daughter has cottoned on to the great sewing resource she has in you. I'm hoping my teenager will one day get her head around that too! And yes, go your Mum! Legend retort!
    Can I put my hat in for the giveaway. Love this pattern

  3. Glad you like it guys. So far your chances are 50-50!

  4. Hi,don't count me for the pattern I just wanted to say I love what your Mum said... I've said that before myself to people. Somebody has to know how to make it!

  5. I enjoy your blog, and I am coming out of lurkdom to ask that I be considered for the pattern give away. The pattern reminds me of my Mum, and something she made back in the day. How nice that you get to teach your DD how to sew. Mine is heading off to school and still has no interest!