Friday, 25 July 2014

V8597 Revisited


A while ago I made a Vogue knit top out of a too stretchy knit and was disappointed with the results see post. Then Coco of Coco's Loft suggested using a different knit, so I did!
I'd bought a piece of lovely grey knit with a black overlay full of holes, a lucky find at my local Vinnie's charity shop and gave V8597 another go.

I refined the fit and made the shoulder and back neck a bit smaller and stay stitched the seam that goes from front arm scye to back neck to the other arm scye. That and the double layer material made all the difference.

This is what I hoped for.  I feel like spider woman!

I did a sway back adjustment.

Finding things in op shops its very hit and miss. I usually come out with nothing. But sometimes I find something like this. Here's a close up of the material.

The wrinkles were smoothed out before I pinned and cut! There is more leftover for something else and my daughter wants a sleeveless top out of it, grunge style.

Thanks to Sharon of Petite and Sewing for showing me how good ripped overlay knit can look in real life when she wore a knit jacket with ripped knit sleeves to a local sewist's meetup a couple of months ago.

We all take inspiration from each other, don't we?

Happy sewing,



  1. What a great find. I have never worked with this fabric before so I must look out for it.

  2. Your top looks brilliant, Val. I have never worked with double fabric, but the results look really good. I would love to know the secret of your sway back adjustment, as I also have the sway back and muddle along trying to make things fit.

  3. So happy to inspire such a fantastic top, have fun wearing it!

  4. Thanks ladies. Patricia the next time I do a sway back adjustment I will do a mini tutorial.

  5. Wowser! Beautiful, Spiderwoman!

  6. I love the double layer of fabric for this as well as the alterations you made. You've got this one just right. Hope you enjoy wearing it!

  7. Great fabric and finished top!