Friday, 4 July 2014

Winter Woolies

To paraphrase Patricia of Red Cardinal, I do believe that Sydney's three minutes of genuine winter have arrived. Arrived with a vengeance, bringing freezing night temperatures and cold air from the south.

So, as a break from sewing I did my yearly (or two yearly) bout of knitting which usually consists of a scarf but I made a hat as I now have short hair.

I made a striped 'elf' hat.

The pattern and wools are available from Lincraft. The thick soft 60 % wool 40% acrylic is Italian made and is available 'until sold out only'.  I love the stuff so much I also made a wide headband for my daughter, who normally gets irritation from wool.

Unfortunately this will be my knitting fix for a while. An old tendon injury to my hand has flared up as a warning sign. *sigh*

So bear with me while I get arty modeling my self-made-elf hat..

Have a happy weekend everyone, happy fourth of July to you in the US, and happy woolly wearing if where you are happens to be cold,


  1. You look so cute! Enjoy your minutes of winter :-)

  2. What a cute elf hat! It has been so hot here in California -- I can't imagine wearing a wooly hat right now!

  3. Lovely! I want to learn how to make those pretty things!!!

  4. Very sweet. I also have a once-a-year knitting bout, usually about the time of the Tour de France, so I dragged out last year's unfinished scarf this weekendto continue. I sit and watch the French countryside roll by and knit.
    Bet you're wearing that hat this weekend. It's cold out today!

  5. Thanks everyone. Paola, I seem to wear it every time I have an early start. My one other knitted beanie sits in the wardrobe...

  6. Very cute elf hat and agree we need our woolies this winter!

  7. Totally cute hat! I loathe the thought of winter coming after the one we had this year.