Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Dress to tunic Merino Make over

Hi everyone,

Have you ever made a garment that sits in the closet? There's nothing wrong with it. You invested all that time and care but something makes you bypass it for other things. It's a pity, especially if the material is something special like this navy and teal striped merino knit gifted to me ages ago by Mary Nanna, who doesn't blog anymore.

I'll go about things backwards by showing you the 'After'..

A practical, simple top. I am sitting here typing wearing it. I already know it will get high rotation for the rest of winter.

The 'Before' is to post The dress was made using New Look 6071

I unpicked the side bodices and tried to bring the ties up along the neck but that just accentuated the boobiness of this pattern. My main mistake was using a winter fabric for a summer pattern.

I unpicked the sleeves and used them unchanged and re cut the lower back skirt for the back and the lower front of the dress for the front. I incorporated the hems and used the front pattern piece as a guide to doing the boat neck top, straightening and folding and redrawing the front neck curve to be 2" deep.

You know, at this stage in my sewing career I am  sewing less and less with the cheaper fabrics, except for wearable muslins. The nice stuff takes a bit more courage but works so well for straightforward patterns, the tried and true that become mainstays in the wardrobe because they work both as patterns and as garments.

Simple is good especially when done in quality material.

I am sure I will do experiments in the future and have what-was-I-thinking disasters hehe.. They are fun too.

On my sewing table right now is Jalie 3122 Nursing tees  link  and no! there are no reproductive miracles happening in my neck of the woods. It is a fitted T that has a nursing variation. I am making it full length version with the hood to try it out. I really like the cute sailor top version.

What are you sewing?



  1. Have you tried Jalie 2787 - another nursing top in a criss-cross style? It's a fab fit. I bet your next Jalie tee will be too.

  2. That was some makeover! and such nice fabric. Good job!

  3. Great makeover and so glad it is now a garment you get a lot of wear from as the fabric was just too gorgeous not to. Look forward to seeing your Jalie.

    Heading off on 3 day sewing weekend, hope to get a few items sewn, fingers crossed.

  4. What a good save, Val. Yes, I have things I have made which get passed over. A makeover is such a good idea, and the finished tee looks perfect.

  5. Great save, that lovely merino shouldn't sit forlornly in your cupboard! I've made jalie 3122 (the nursing version actually), and it's quite a good pattern - you've reminded me I should get it out again and make the normal version too. And I have to say that I miss Mary Nanna's blog - I loved her makes and take on life

    1. I miss her too. For those reasons. Well put!

  6. The dress was very pretty but that tunic is totally your style. Good save! And I find myself leaning more towards the good stuff these days- or at least not the super cheap stuff anyway. But yes, the 'what was I thinking' makes are so much fun!

  7. Excellent transformation!!

  8. I was wondering about the "look at these" vibe from that New Look pattern. =) Thanks for the warning and great save!

    I am working on pants for fall. I have a review in the works and hope to post it soon.

  9. This is a great save of wonderful fabric! The top looks very good on you and can certainly be accessorized in different ways.
    I agree with you about not sewing with cheap fabrics. To me, it's just a waste of time. I won't even consider buying any, and I don't have any in my stash, thanks to having worked at Sawyer Brook for over 10 years. I know finding quality fabrics isn't easy for some because of where they live, so I understand how difficult it can be to find good fabric. Buying online is a learning experience, and you learn which sites to trust and which to stay away from. Anyway, I'm glad you came by this fabric, and reused it. You'll get a lot of use out of this!
    What am I sewing? A Lynn Mizono top - Vogue 1274, using a pale blue and white men's shirting. Fingers are crossed that the style will look good on me!

    1. That vogue top is an interesting pattern Dixie. Thank you for visiting my blog!