Sunday, 28 September 2014

More pants - Burda 7863

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In my previous post I had used an old OOP burda jeans pattern for wovens in a stretch fabric and had both crotch and back thigh issues. I did a quick fix by putting a elongated diamond patch at the crotch junction and they sit better now. Then I thought, hey the Burda crotch curve fits me, I should buy a updated Burda jeans pattern for stretch fabrics. I'd made a self drafted pants pattern last year for wovens but stretch is a different animal.

So I bought Burda 7863 at a spotlight sale, along with some stretch sateen in a summery print and went for it.

The front is good and the legs fall well. The pattern has the classic jean pockets and fly facing details, not that I wear anything tucked in to show them off!

Front details

The instructions are good too. I made sense of the fly construction and I like the facings that go all the way to the centre front. I had to tweak the legs though. They had to be cut slimmer than the pattern to get slimline capri proportions. The back leg then had to be trimmed further from knee to ankle at the inner leg because it swung around and was visible from the front. However, I still got back thigh to knee concertina folds at the back.

Now, I have to tell you I tried pinning along various creases on the diagonal from knee to hip  or crotch to knee and it all affected to way the leg hangs. I considered whether or not to shift just the lower leg out or in. 

That was not the answer. Then I compared the back piece to the burda leggings  post I make and wear every winter and have come to the conclusion that I need a sliver more off the inside of the back inner leg but tapering to just below the crotch. 

So, that's what I will try next, for me that is. Right now I will leave the pants headache alone and make an outfit for DD.

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  1. Love your pants and I think you have achieved a good fit.. Love that fabric.

  2. The fit looks quite good from the photographs but you are best judge. Love your fabric.

  3. Quite wearable Val - they look lovely - but I know what you mean about the back - I have the same problem, slim under the bottom, and I get wrinkles too. It's such a pain working out how to fix it in every single pants pattern.

  4. That's a great outfit for summer. Happy and stylish! As for pants fitting, I haven't been brave enough to make any yet.

  5. Thanks ladies. Angela, there were two modifications of the previous pants that I didn't post. If you haven't made pants just do some sports style pants with a bit of gathering at the waist. There's some great patterns around!

  6. Perfect pants for summer, love the colours. Interesting to read your changes to the pattern.