Sunday, 9 November 2014

Jalie 3024 top

Readers I have frankenpatterned myself a sleeveless summer top using Jalie 3024.

I am starting to become a real fan of this Canadian pattern company because of their excellent drafting and their multi sizing and the fact that their pattern pieces remind me of building blocks and I like nothing better than interchangeable bits so I can run with my own ideas.

The top I made uses the bodice of View C for the back (the back and front the same on that dress) and  the bodice of View B without the crossover. I traced these then added enough of the skirt to make a top.

I added a CB seam so I could do all in one facings that end under the bust.

Bring on summer...

The order of construction and method for the facings is:

Join the fronts to backs at the shoulders on the bodice and also on the facings.
Lay the facing piece on the bodice piece, right sides together.
Serge the neck edge 
Serge the armhole edges.
Turn the whole thing right side out pulling the backs through the fronts.
Sew the side seams.
Sew the back seam.
Top stitch the neck edge. Top stitch the armhole edges.
Cover stitch the hem.

An almost instant top.

My alterations to the pattern were:  Take 1cm off the back at the shoulders and 2cm off the front at the shoulders and to raise the front armhole a little, also widen the armhole curve 1cm at bust level.

My straps ended up a bit wider because of all this but that is my preference.

I bought the pattern for the dress but I am very pleased with this basic tank top. It's going to be a TNT.

By the way, my first version was supposed to be a yellow top to go with my V9007 skirt (see previous post) but it turned out too awful due to the cheap & nasty material used. Lets just call it a non-wearable muslin shall we?

In case anyone is wondering I did not make the pants, they are Target skinny jeans with 6" cut off to make them into capris.

I have a pile of sewing that I am going to do for DD from a recent material buying spree.. Off to clear the cutting table.

Happy sewing,



  1. Looks really nice Valerie. I think summer is coming on Friday!

  2. This is a very cute and cool top, Valerie. I do sleeveless things with the same construction method. Quick and easy, and guaranteed to look good. Love the crop skinny jeans - woo hoo!

  3. Lovely! You need more of these.

  4. That top looks nice on you...I love the colors. You're going into summer...we are 27 degrees and having our first snow of the season. :)

  5. Thanks ladies.
    Alison yes I saw the 40C forecast for Friday...
    Patricia one of the reasons I posted how to do the facing is so I don't forget!
    Roz there will be more for sure.
    Judi sometimes I actually envy people who live where it snows!

  6. Very pretty Valerie, and perfect with the white capris!

  7. Great summer top Valerie. Very nice.

  8. Sounds like you're having fun with summer sewing! Nothing like a change of season, even if it's only a little bit of a change :-)

  9. Lovely summer top and thanks for sharing your method of construction.

  10. You look so fresh and summery! We just had a giant cold dip here- wah. I am not a fan of winter. Love your flowery top!

    1. In winter you get to wear fabulous coats..There is a new Vogue pattern I've got my eye on.
      The swing, the hood, the colour blocking..sigh..

  11. Perfect for this hot hot days we are having.