Friday, 28 November 2014

V1247 Top

Hi all,

On December 1st it is officially the start of summer here in the land down under. We've already had a taste of real heat and on a day of extreme heat last weekend I got to thinking about a top I made last summer which I had rolled in a ball and put in the back of the wardrobe. Not because I didn't like it, not because it didn't suit me or didn't fit but because the fine white cotton that I had made up so carefully was just a bit too sheer.

Or is it? Am I being too - I can't find a word - bashful -  here? In any case it seems a shame not to use it or possibly salvage it in some way.

The skirt is also from V1247 and has become my go-to pattern for a subtle A line. I reviewed it here

But the top..thoughts? Dye? Crop top bra? My aim is to wear it on hot days so I don't want to layer it with a camisole.

Have a good day,



  1. This is a tricky one, Val, but I know what you mean in our summer heat. Crop top bra is worth a try, or I was wondering about making a fine silk, spaghetti strap, cami to go under. That would be light. I made that top too - it is a lovely cool style for summer.

  2. So pretty! Camisole with spaghetti straps a la tropics and go for it!!

  3. I think a light cami would be really pretty!

  4. Maybe French girls are not as bashful as Australian but I would wear it without a cami with a nude bra. BTW i like it very much.

    1. I am thinking of doing just that - as a beach cover up with a sarong. I am going to make the top again but in silk (non transparent!)

  5. Agree with Marie-Noelle........nude bra (and I'm not even French). ha ha ha

  6. I vote for nude bra! I like the print of the skirt.

  7. I like the sheerness of the fabric It looks so fresh and cool. I would wear a nude bra (no lace) or a nude coloured camisole

  8. Thanks ladies. I am wearing a bronze -closest I had to nude - bra in the photos but this may be an opportunity to go shopping for the perfect nude bra :)

  9. I love this top. If it was me, I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it, even with a flesh coloured bra. I would pop it in the washing machine with a packet or two of iDye. Do whatever, but DO wear it. It is too nice to waste.♥

  10. I was thinking of a short garment that covers up your bra and couldn't think what it's called. Crop top bra! That must be it. Maybe in a cool linen? I was thinking a contrasting colour, a darker grey, a blue, maybe a cinnamon brown. Something you like.

    Think of it the other way round: pretend that you are planning an outfit that starts with a little top that you don't want to wear on its own but with a sheer blouse over it - then pretend that this outfit is what you had in mind all along! (it's the best way of finding a solution: make a feature out of a bug!) - I think something nice and cool that's not too tight but looks really good where it shows through, that could be really lovely! You could even wear an open shirt over it if you want to combine in other ways.

    This is a really nice top. Do wear it in whatever way you are comfortable with! Like ElleC says: it is too nice to waste.