Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Vogue 9007 Skirt

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As spring teeters on the edge of summer here in the southern hemisphere, Spotlight sent out a 40% off coupon and my eye was distracted form all the other things I want to sew by a set of circle skirts, Vogue 9007 and some green paisley cotton.

I am a sewing floozy, I go where the whim takes me..

V9007 View B

The skirt is a six gore circle with squared off points and hangs from a snug curved yoke. There are pockets in the skirt side seams and a zip at the back.

A skirt this voluminous needs a fitted top, so I am making a pale yellow v-neck tank top from a newly arrived Jalie pattern to go with it.
The skirt feels nicely swishy to wear and just floats around the legs as you move.

This pattern is a real fabric hog but I lengthened it 2cm because on the line drawing the short part is hovering above the model's knees. In the vogue link on a real model it is not quite that short. 

No matter I like skirts like this longer rather than shorter and am thinking of making it from a knit and lengthening the four curves into points. We shall see.

n.b.  The skirt pieces are all cut on the true bias and do drop a little. The beauty of the uneven hem is that the drop doesn't matter!

The pattern recommends broadcloth, linen blends, lightweight denim. Denim? Maybe they mean chambray... it needs fabric that is lightweight but firmly woven and with a nice drape.  

The envelope also says 'not suitable for obvious diagonals'. One day I am going to make this out of diagonal stripe and see if anything awful happens. Will the bogey man jump out of the closet? My own fabric rebellion..

Happy sewing,



  1. What fun...and I can tell you really like this skirt! Enjoy :-)

  2. I love that skirt and it looks nice on you! For sure it would be fun to make it out of a diagonal...why not?...I hope you do!!!

  3. My type of skirt--flirty and feminine and the yoke keeps the bulkiness away from the waist. :)

  4. This is so nice for the summer. Love it!!

  5. A lovely swishy skirt for the inevitable stinkers of summer coming up. Nice!

  6. A lovely summer skirt. Nice and "twirly".

  7. A very pretty skirt. Lightweight denim mystifies me, too :)

  8. Diagonals -- such a rebel! It is a beautiful skirt -- so summery. I'm sure it will look great with the yellow tank.

  9. We need to see this pattern made in diagonal fabric! That statement always makes me a bit annoyed.
    Lovely skirt