Monday, 1 December 2014

Burda style 7062 slim pants

Readers, my daughter wanted slim tapered almost 50's style pants in a woven. She'd bought some bamboo linen - gorgeous, breathable - and asked me to make her some summer work pants.

Edit/correction:  I found out it is actually hemp/linen. The e-tailer my daughter found is No affiliation but hey they should sponsor me as I have also purchased from them three times and found good service, excellent product and extremely good shipping rates (within Australia).

I trawled my pattern stash and pulled out Burda 7062, did a quick wearable muslin from some Spotlight heavy rayon. They were good , in fact she wore them the next day, but needed a bit of tweaking. The centre front seam dipped and pulled ever so slightly so I added 5'8" tapering to nothing at the sides. I also scooped out the bottom of the crotch curve by 1/2". She did not need the front darts, effectively widening the front waist a little. I redid the facings to match. I did a back zip instead of a side zip and added a fly guard like when making jeans.

At the moment we are both busy with pre Christmas things, so when I finished the two bamboo pairs I asked if I could model them for this blog and she was Ok with that so here they are on my much shorter body that is not as hour-glass as hers, but they fit well enough to give you a better idea than photographing them on a hanger would.

They would hang better if they were not pooling around my ankles :)

One gripe - The legs of this pattern do not taper as much as the pattern photos suggest. I know the models are probably wearing a 10 and this is a 12 but I still had to narrow the legs pretty much from the hips to smaller than the smallest size at the ankle so I don't know whats going on. They wouldn't use pins and grips in photos would they? I hope not..for accuracy. 

The pants are also lengthened a bit to be shoe skimming on DD.

All in all this is a good pattern for a slim fit pant for  'Linen blends, gabardine, cotton fabrics and also fabrics with stretch' as the pattern says. There are no pockets and the instructions are straightforward.

I hope she likes them as much as I hope she will!

Have a good week, 



  1. Very nice pants, Val, and I love the sound of bamboo linen. I'll have to look out for that, in our hot sticky weather.

  2. Very nice pants. Your daughter is very lucky that you sew for her.

  3. I've made a few Burda pants and the patterns never have legs as tapered as the photographs suggest. Are you sure you want to give these to your daughter? Take them up and you'd have a lovely pair of pants for yourself!

  4. Thanks ladies.
    Patricia the fabric feels similar to linen but doesn't seem to wrinkle as much. From I have some other yummy fabric from them for myself to make up in spring green
    Jean Margaret, don't worry she knows!
    Kristy, my daughter actually asked if I wanted to keep one pair, but if I did they would just hang in the wardrobe, lovely as they are. I don't need a corporate wardrobe. I wear casual clothes to work then change into scrubs. But I do know the pattern will work for me too, so it's a win-win.

  5. These are pretty! Bet she'll love them. The good mom brigade...but I do get tired of sewing for myself, it's fun to sew for Ashley. Even if she doesn't ever wear the garment!