Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Little hot weather dress

Dear Reader,

I said I would not write about V1349 again but I was interested enough in this pattern to make it up in a woven, as recommended. I used some nice Japanese cottons and cotton muslin lining. I did a little bit of colour blocking and made up the outer shell and put the zip in so I could tweak the fit and think about the possibility of pockets (nope) and my material was too thin for the dress to be worn without a lining.

I ended up with a sack dress with nice seam lines, but still a sack. However it is good for hot weather!

Please pardon the after work pictures. I need to find time to do some posing in daylight!

During construction I did try out making it more fitted but that didn't work. It's designed to be a sack and it wanted to be a sack so it went back to  being a sack. Tired of fiddling about, I did not want to take out the zipper to construct it as recommended so I finished off the neck and armhole edges with self bias binding, going slightly wider than the original seam lines. I don't know if it would look better along the original lines and above knee length but I am not likely to find out.

BTW Anyone tall would have to add length so as not to end up with a mini...

I like this dress enough to wear it but for the fitted dress I had in mind I've ordered the newly released V9050. I've got some linen that was bright red that I have bleached to a marbled orange colour. I can see it.

I got lost in a work vortex the last few weeks and did too much of everything at once and got over wrought, so I am scaling back a bit. I am lucky to be in a position to be able to do so. (I work as an agency fill in).

In fact tomorrow I am going fabric shopping and doing lunch with one of my favourite people. We will both take time to get off the treadmill, walk in the sunshine.. The agenda as far as buying fabric goes, is to buy quality over quantity.

Right now I am going to get an early night...

Happy sewing
Or not sewing as the case may be


Monday, 6 October 2014

V1349 as a cycling outfit

Ok, this is the last time that I'll blog about V1349 for a while but definitely not the last time I'll make it.

For those of you that haven't read my blog, I have made V1349 up in a stable knit for my daughter (see previous post) but I wanted to show you the result of my original vision.

I will eventually sew the little sack dress of DKNY's vision but I had to use that fabulous seaming for my vision...

Here I am in my outfit about to go cycling.

The glow in the dark green snakeskin print is for visibility and because I loved it.

The shorts are a modified version of Burdastyle 126/3/2012 three part pants blogged here.

The top is long enough and just loose enough, the pants go high at the back waist and it's comfortable. The armholes are modest and just the right size.

That's what I looked for and did not find in RTW exercise gear which when it fits through the shoulder and chest tends to be too tight through the waist and hips. The stuff that fits at the waist is baggy through the armholes. I got sick of that so the result of RTW frustration is this! And it worked!

I'm on a mission to get my fitness and my waist back and just to feel better generally. I even feel like socializing again.


Saturday, 4 October 2014

DD models V1349

Hello everyone,

Today I managed to get some photos of my daughter wearing V1349 that I made up into a snakeskin print top and self drafted skirt, blogged about here

She was happy with the fit and likes the pieces as separates even more than as an outfit.

Ta Da!

Ok, serious poses

Top V1349 and Style Arc Elle Pants 

That's the end folks.

I've started something. Number two top for DD is already in the pipeline, after a top for me.

Happy Sewday,